Many internet users like to remain anonymous on the web even if they’re not involved in anything shady, which is why the Tor browser has such a strong user base. However certain sacrifices have to be made with regards to the user experience when accessing the internet through the Tor browser. Anonabox aims to do away with them. It is an open source router that has been designed specifically to run Tor and keep your anonymous regardless of what software you use to access the internet.

Anonabox will encrypt any and all traffic in and out of the your computer or network using Tor. Thus your location remains hidden and data that might be leaked online during ordinary internet use remains secure.

It is incredibly simple. Everything is handled by the router so you don’t have to download additional software or register somewhere or juggle another set of credentials. Since its the router that’s running Tor this allows users to access services that were previously closed off to Tor, like Skype.

Simply hook up the anonabox to your regular router via Ethernet cable and then access the internet anonymous using any device, mobile or desktop, that’s connected to your network. There are two Ethernet ports so its possible to connect a computer directly to anonabox as well.

If you think this is a great idea you’re not alone. Anonabox has already blown well past its $7,500 funding goal on Kickstarter and pledges stand at over $300,000 at the time of this writing, with 28 days still to go. You can pledge $51 right now to get one unit with shipping estimated to take place in January 2015.

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