The Tor Project surprised its fans this week by releasing its mobile browser for Android. The organization has released the first alpha of the Tor browser for Android as part of the Tor Browser v8 update that was released earlier this week. It’s the first ever mobile browser from the organization that’s behind the Tor network and the eponymous browser.

Those who are interested can now find the Tor Browser for Android available for download from the Google Play Store. It’s an alpha release which means that it’s an early build. Users should expect to encounter bugs but they will certainly be fixed in the coming releases.

Since the official version of Tor Browser for Android is out now, there’s no need for Orfox anymore. It’s another browser for Android which allowed users to browse the internet through the Tor network and its Onion protocol.

The Guardian Project had been developing Orfox and it has decided to retire the browser now that the official release of Tor Browser for Android has taken place. Users who install the alpha verison of the new browser will be required to install Orbot as well. It’s a mobile proxy app that will enable the browser to connect to the Tor network. This won’t be necessary for future versions, the Tor Project says.

The features that are present in the alpha release include tracker blocker, fingerprint protection, no ISP blocks, and multi-layered encryption. The Tor Project hasn’t confirmed if it’s going to make an iOS version of this browser as well.

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