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The Pirate Cinema Takes Top 100 Torrented Videos And Projects Them Onto A Wall As An Art Installation
While movie studios and record labels view torrents as a thorn in their side in their ongoing fight against piracy, Nicholas Maigret, co-creator of The Pirate Cinema thinks a little differently and has actually created an art installation in which he has turned torrents into art. Basically what he has done is together with a piece of software, comb through The Pirate Bay’s Top 100 video files, monitoring each and […]

The Pirate Bay Becomes #1 File-Sharing Website
The Pirate Bay moving its servers to the U.S. to become “The Freedom Bay” is obviously the popular torrent-tracking website’s April Fools’ Day joke, but its popularity over the years has been slowly rising with it reaching the top of the file-sharing website ranks as they have just become the #1 site for our file-sharing needs.The news comes from some analytical work done by Torrent Freak to reveal The Pirate Bay […]

BitTorrent Intros Live Streaming Service That Makes Buffering A Thing Of The Past
Torrents have been used over the years mainly as a way to effectively share content with other users who are also interested in that piece of content, using all the bandwidth of the connected parties in order to deliver that content to one another. Videos, photos, e-books and software have all be download and uploaded on torrents for years, but a new service may change how we look at torrents […]

Comcast Offers Glimpse Into Copyright Alert System Messages
We reported a few days ago some big-name ISPs would begin incorporating the Copyright Alert System (CAS) into their systems, which would send out alerts to users who they believe may have download copyrighted material through “peer-to-peer” services.  Verizon and Comcast have already activated the service yesterday, with AT&T, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable expected to activate the CAS soon.Ars Technica requested some examples of the messages they expect to send […]


Game Of Thrones' Director Is Not Worried About Piracy
The common perception regarding piracy is that it hurts the sales of the product, i.e. music, video games, television shows, movies, software and etc. On the flipside there are developers and artists who fully embrace piracy, claiming that this helps get their content across to people who might not have access due to lack of funds or unavailability in their region. Surprisingly HBO’s Game of Throne’s director, David Petrarca, seems […]

ISPs Adopt Alert System To Warn Users of Illegal Downloads
If you’re a person who downloads torrents on a regular basis, you might want to watch what you do from today on as Internet service providers will begin cracking down on users who download copyrighted material.The Copyright Alert System (CAS) will be used by AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon and will allow for content creators to send notices to ISPs that include a list of people who […]

Game of Thrones Season 3 Preview Describes The Nature Of Chaos
Do you sense that? Winter is indeed coming this spring as HBO’s Game of Thrones will start its third season starting March 31. Seeing as we’re over a month away from Game of Thrones’ premier, HBO has started the hype train with a new 40 second preview.The preview HBO published on the official Game of Thrones YouTube page is titled “Chaos” and highlights a number of important characters we were […]

9-Year Old’s Winnie The Pooh Laptop Confiscated By Authorities
The authorities tend not to have a good impression on the masses, case in point, CIAPC, a company that managed to get ISPs in Finland to block The Pirate Bay, is said to have tracked down an alleged file-sharer, asking for a cash settlement. The thing is, the Internet account holder did not want to cough up the amount demanded, and you could say that things got out of hand […]

Google Censorship List Now Includes Pirate Bay Domains
Google has recently introduced a number of anti-piracy measures to discourage users from looking up pirated content online. While the search giant hasn’t removed the indexes of piracy sites from its search results, it is taking steps to ensure that minimum traffic gets routed to piracy sites through its search results. For instance, it recently started downranking piracy sites in Google Search.The latest in the list of such measures is […]

Popular torrent site Demonoid shut down as gift to the United States
Demonoid fans were quite worried last week when their site was offline, but were relieved to find out that it was just a large DDoS attack. Fans will be even more upset when they hear that the site has been shut down permanently today by Ukrainian authorities. lets you stream lets you stream torrents on your iPhone
Sohail Prasad, a Carnegie Mellon student and future Google intern has built one of the most useful apps for the iPhone. Demonstrating it at the TC Hackathon last weekend, the app basically allows users to stream videos from torrent links instantly. Instead of having to wait for entire movies to be downloaded before you can start watching them, lets users simply input a torrent’s address, and start watching the […]