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Kanye West Allegedly Uses Pirate Bay
Day 3 — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) March 2, 2016 Well, well, what do we have here? Isn’t it ironic that Kanye West is considering legal action on pirates of his latest album which was released as an exclusive on Tidal (which incidentally, is a company that South Korean conglomerate Samsung would like to purchase), when he has tweeted a photo that you can see above, showing him using Pirate […]

Kanye West's Album Pirated 500,000 Times
Kanye West is a pretty big superstar, and for certain quarters, he might seem to be too full of himself, as opinions differ from person to another. With his latest album, “The Life of Pablo” debuting on Tidal exclusively for a week, West then tweeted that the album would be a Tidal exclusive for what seems to be forever. The release of his album also saw Tidal make the jump […]

Popular Torrent Release Group YIFY Has Shut Down
If you have ever searched for movie torrents, sometimes you find that some of the uploads come from a group named YIFY. Just like aXXo back in the day, YIFY is known for having a wide selection of movies and generally speaking good quality releases too, but it looks like the group has decided to call it quits.A report from TorrentFreak has revealed that the group has decided to shut […]

Supergirl Pilot Leaked On Torrent Sites Six Months Early
Considering how well DC’s recent TV series such as The Flash and Arrow have been doing, we’re sure many are excited to see what the upcoming Supergirl TV series will bring to the table. Now if you’re just as curious as everyone else, it seems that you can sate your curiosity today because according to reports, the pilot of the show has leaked onto torrent websites.Yes, you read that right, […]


Popular Torrent Website Blocks Users Who Use AdBlock
In what seems like a somewhat ironic twist, popular torrent website Demonoid has reportedly begun to block users from accessing its website if it detects that the user has AdBlock installed. For those unfamiliar, AdBlock is a browser plugin that basically prevents ads from displaying across all websites and services.However like we said it is a bit ironic especially when you consider that Demonoid is a torrent website that deals […]

BitTorrent Reportedly Sacked 40 Employees In The US
BitTorrent has reportedly sacked few of its employees in the US. It has been revealed by the Buzzfeed along with many anonymous sources that the company has dismissed around 40 employees out of total workforce of 150.

KickassTorrents Has Its Domain Name Seized
Ever since The Pirate Bay had its servers raided, users who downloaded torrents had to seek alternative websites for their torrenting needs, and one of the more popular options available was KickassTorrents (KAT). The website enjoyed a surge in popularity before authorities were quick to seize its domain which at that time was registered in Somalia, hence the .so suffix.The website then launched itself at a .to domain suffix owned […]

Music File Sharing Site T411 Gets Blocked In France
In the war against piracy, it is always a game of cat and mouse, especially when you take into consideration the rather borderless nature of how the Internet works. After all, you might have one particular site that carries a mix of legit as well as pirated content get blocked due to a court order, only to have another one spring up elsewhere with a different URL overnight, and the […]

Vuze Helps Speed Up Torrent Downloads
If you happen to be one who simply cannot get enough of downloading torrents by taking advantage of your extra fast Internet connection, then you will be pleased to know that there is still room for improvement in terms of download speed. I am referring to Vuze, who intends to assist users with the speeding up of torrent downloads by enlisting the help of the idea of “swarm merging”.

Users Say uTorrent Installed Cryptocurrency Miner Without Their Knowledge
uTorrent, certainly one of the more popular BitTorrent clients out there, has fallen out of favor with the masses, as users claim that they tried to earn a quick buck through the installation of cryptocurrency mining on users’ computers – all without their knowledge, of course. This allegation leveled at uTorrent mentioned that cryptocurrency software from Epic Scale was installed with uTorrent version 3.4.2 build 28913.

Tumblr Censors Tags Related To “Torrent”
It looks like the popular blogging platform known as Tumblr is currently working on hiding “torrent” related posts from the masses. In fact, the term “torrent” has been given an “upgrade”, so to speak, to the site’s adult filter, and this particular move is seen to stop folks from coming across what could be deemed to be “offensive” content.

Wolf Of Wall Street Is 2014’s Most Pirated Movie
We have brought you word on how Game of Thrones is the most pirated TV series for the year, and to the “credit” of the series’ team, that mantle has been “awarded” to them for the third year running. It seems that for 2014, Martin Scorsese’s true-life tale of corrupt New York stockbrokers, known as Wolf of Wall Street, has picked up the gong for being the most downloaded movie […]

Man Jailed After He Bragged About Pirating Fast & Furious 6
Piracy has long gone beyond just the seven seas, and the digital world does have its fair share of Blackbeards. In fact, records have been set and broken where online piracy is concerned, and in the latest bit of news concerning piracy, a British man was sentenced to jail for close to three years after he recorded a movie in a cinema (which is illegal, of course), followed by distributing […]

T-Mobile Will Throttle Those Who Torrent Via Unlimited LTE Accounts
T-Mobile does not want to be a party pooper, but it seems as though if you are going to take advantage of its 4G LTE services, then it would be in your best interest not to deal with torrents. Apparently, from this 17th of August onward, T-Mobile will initiate throttling for users who decide to download torrents or play their part in P2P activities over the 4G LTE network.

Pirate Bay Traffic Doubles In 3 Years
Pirate Bay, which is worthy of laying claim to being the most censored site on the Internet, has seen it go through some rather tumultuous times, having been blocked by national firewalls in different countries worldwide, is not fazed by it all. In fact, you can more or less say that more and more folks tend to make use of it each day, so much so that over the course […]

Judge Rules That IP Addresses Aren't Conclusive Enough To Determine Pirate's Identity
One of the ways copyright holders are able to determine where copyright materials have been downloaded is by tracing the IP address, which in most cases usually reveals information about that person, like their name, phone number, home address, and so on.For the most part that is how copyright holders, like record labels and movie studios, track down people who might have been pirating their property, such as through torrents. […]

Pirate Bay Announces Plans To Circumvent Censorship And Domain Blocking
There are some places in the world, some internet providers, and even some institutions where torrents and torrent-related websites are blocked, presumably for legal reasons of course. Well famed torrent website, The Pirate Bay, has a plan to circumvent such blocking and unnecessary censorship through the creation of a tool that will be reminiscent of its P2P roots in which its website will basically be hosted by users, rather than […]

The Pirate Bay Moves Domain To A Volcanic Island After .SX Seizure
It’s been quite the year for The Pirate Bay as the site’s organizers have fought to keep the site up and running, although apparently the site recently had its domain name seized. Fortunately for those who enjoy The Pirate Bay’s torrenting services, the site’s operators have already temporarily relocated to a new .AC domain that is based on the Ascension Island, which just so happens to be a volcanic island […]

IsoHunt Owner Fined $110 Million, To Shut Down By End Of This Week
In what can be considered to be a landmark settlement, the owner of the site IsoHunt has been ordered to fork out $110 million as compensation, and will have to shut down the site before the new week begins. This ruling certainly sends out a strong signal to future infringers of the risks that they are taking. Court records which were filed today saw that Gary Fung, the owner of […]

Pirate Bay Gets Blocked In Ireland. What's Next?
Pirate Bay, a file-sharing oriented site, has been the object of an Irish court order which requires six local Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block it on their networks. This was reported by the IrishTimes which adds that about 200,000 people use Pirate Bay on a regular basis (8% of Ireland’s Internet users). The companies who asked for the court order are Sony, EMI, Warner Music and Universal, which claim […]