Nowstre.amSohail Prasad, a Carnegie Mellon student and future Google intern has built one of the most useful apps for the iPhone. Demonstrating it at the TC Hackathon last weekend, the app basically allows users to stream videos from torrent links instantly. Instead of having to wait for entire movies to be downloaded before you can start watching them, lets users simply input a torrent’s address, and start watching the movie on their iPhones.

In the demonstration Sohail Prasad gave, the app works flawlessly. He located the torrent called The Lionshare, pasted the address into his app, hit stream and it loaded up right away. Who needs Netflix when you have

While the MPAA might have reason to worry about such an app hitting the streets, Sohail Prasad has stated that he means no harm – in fact he’s trying to figure out a legal way to make use of this technology. Any suggestions? Watch the video demonstration:

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