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Google Authenticator For iOS Now Supports Face ID/Touch ID
Apps like Google Authenticator help you generate 2FA codes that act as another layer of protection for your online accounts. This means that in addition to your password, you will get a one-time generated code that verifies who you say you are, so in the event that your password is stolen, hackers still can’t get into your account.

In-Display Touch ID Might Only Arrive In 2022’s iPhone
There is no denying the effectiveness of Apple’s Face ID system, but there is a certain convenience with Touch ID that makes it better to use in some situations. We have been hearing that Apple could be working on a solution, but if analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report is accurate, we might have to wait until next year.

Apple Wants To Eliminate Passwords By Using Face ID And Touch ID
Many believe that passwords are an antiquated system that needs to go. This is because passwords can be guessed, especially when people choose to use weak passwords, or they can be leaked when hackers breach a system. However, to eliminate passwords entirely is a monumental task, and that’s something that Apple is hoping to build towards.

Apple’s New Touch ID Keyboard Is Only Compatible With M1 Macs
Yesterday, Apple announced their brand new 24-inch iMac and alongside the new computer, they also unveiled a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID built into it. The keyboard is currently only available if you buy the new iMac as Apple doesn’t appear to be interested in selling it separately, at least for now.


Apple’s Brand New iMac Also Comes With A Touch ID Enabled Keyboard
With Apple’s MacBook laptops, the company has actually built-in Touch ID into the power button. This allows users to not only turn their laptops on, but also authenticates them easily without having to deal with passwords. Some have wondered if Apple could extend this to their desktop computers, and sure enough they have.

iOS 15 Could Introduce Support For Dual Biometric Authentication
One of the popular rumors surrounding the iPhone 13 is that it could see Apple bring back Touch ID to its higher-end iPhones. While other companies have introduced in-display fingerprint sensors to their phones, Apple has instead opted to more or less do away with fingerprint sensors in favor of facial recognition.

New Report ‘Confirms’ iPhone 13 Will Most Likely Come With Touch ID
Face ID is an amazing piece of technology, but it has its flaws, such as users having to look at the phone to unlock it, whereas Touch ID is more flexible in that regard. The good news is that it looks like we are hearing more reports that Touch ID will indeed be making a return to the next-gen iPhone which is expected to launch later this year.

Chrome For iOS Tests Touch ID And Face ID For Incognito Mode
The point of using incognito mode in a browser like Chrome is to not leave a trail of your internet activity on your phone or computer. However, it seems that Google is taking things one step further by testing out a new feature for Chrome on iOS that would protect incognito mode by adding an additional layer of security in the form of Touch ID or Face ID.

iPhone 13 Could Use An Optical In-Display Touch ID Sensor
There have been multiple rumors suggesting that Apple could be looking to bring Touch ID back. Apparently part of the reason is due to the pandemic where we are all wearing face masks, which means that using Face ID has become rather troublesome as it obviously cannot see through our masks.

iPad Mini 6 Could Get In-Display Touch ID Ahead Of The iPhone
Ever since Apple has done away with Touch ID on its iPhones (for the most part), there have been multiple rumors suggesting that Apple could actually be looking to bring the tech back through an in-display sensor. If the rumors are to be believed, it could actually happen with the iPhone 13 this year.

An iPhone 13 With In-Display Touch ID Sensor Is Being Tested
As good as Face ID is, there is no denying that a fingerprint sensor is a lot more convenient, especially in this day and age when we are walking around with masks on. Now, there have been reports in the past that claims that Apple could be looking to bring back fingerprint scanning in the form of an in-display Touch ID sensor, and there is a chance that it could […]

Apple Watch Could One Day Gain A Side Button Touch ID
On the iPhone, users can protect their devices through a variety of ways like Touch ID, Face ID, or using a PIN code. On the Apple Watch, it’s a different story. The way the Apple Watch verifies the user is through the heart rate sensor, which means that even if someone stole your watch and tried to use Apple Pay on it to pay for stuff, they cannot.

Almost 80% Of iPhone Users Want Touch ID To Come Back
While there’s no denying the effectiveness of Face ID, there are some who might actually prefer the convenience of Touch ID. This is because sometimes Face ID fails to recognize faces if the phone isn’t angled properly or if you’re squinting, or aren’t looking directly at the phone. This is versus Touch ID that can unlock a phone without you having to raise it to your face.

Early iPhone 13 Prototype Apparently Does Not Feature In-Display Touch ID
Will Touch ID ever make its way back to the iPhone? Some believe that Apple is working on it, but according to a recent tweet by a user calling themselves Jioriku, we might not want to hold our breaths just yet. This is because the user claims that the first prototype of the iPhone 13 does not feature Touch ID.

Apple’s In-Display Touch ID Could Use IR Technology
It has long been rumored that Apple has been exploring ways to possibly bring back Touch ID to its iPhones. The company’s current-generation of iPhones relies on facial recognition technology through Face ID, and they even implemented similar tech to the iPad, but there is a convenience to Touch ID that can’t be beaten by the likes of Face ID.

Under-Display Touch ID Will Eventually Come To The iPhone
While Apple’s Face ID pretty much works as advertised, there are times when using one’s fingerprint is much more efficient. This has led to some wondering if Apple could potentially implement both solutions in future iPhones. While Touch ID did not return in the iPhone 12, it has been rumored that this is a feature Apple is still looking to bring back.

Apple Is Really Proud Of The iPad Air’s Touch ID Integration In The Power Button
Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad have existed pretty much in the physical home button, but with the latest iPad Air removing the home button, Apple decided to integrate Touch ID into the power button located at the top corner of the tablet. It seemed like a logical placement, but one that Apple seems to be really proud of.

Could Vein ID Be Apple’s Next Big Security Feature?
Given that all our faces are unique, the idea behind Face ID is that it makes it more secure than fingerprints because you can’t exactly “lift” a face like you would a fingerprint. However, Face ID is far from perfect and we have seen instances in the past where it can be beat, and it seems that Apple is trying to come up with new ways to create a more […]

Apple Is Still Working On Touch ID For The iPhone
It has been several iPhone generations since Apple removed Touch ID on their iPhones and introduced Face ID. However, as potentially more secure Face ID is over Touch ID, it’s hard to deny how much more convenient Touch ID is, especially in this day and age where we’re wearing masks which makes authenticating with Face ID a bit more difficult.

Face ID, Touch ID Logins Will Be Coming To Safari
On iOS, we’ve seen how Face ID and Touch ID have been used by apps to prevent unauthorized access. For example with banking apps, users can use either Face ID or Touch ID to log themselves into their accounts, but like we said, these security measures were pretty much limited to just apps.