WhatsApp’s Biometric Security Feature For iOS Has A Vulnerability

Earlier this month, WhatsApp announced a new feature for iOS users where they will be able to use Face ID to protect the app, meaning that users will need to scan their faces to open the app. This means that users can add an additional layer of security and privacy to the app and prevent others from reading their messages even if their phone is unlocked.

Touch ID On MacBooks Can Soon Be Used For Safari Autofill

When Apple introduced Touch ID on their MacBook Pro laptops, it seemed like a good idea and a faster way to log into the laptop as well as authorize payments. However apart from that, it didn’t really do anything else. However that could change as Apple seems to be expanding on the feature’s functionality.

Suspects Cannot Be Forced To Unlock iPhones With Face ID, Touch ID

Before biometric security features were used for our smartphones, most phones relied on security features like a passcode, or in the case of Android, a pattern unlock feature. It also presented certain legal conundrums as to whether or not suspects could be forced by the police to unlock their devices (no, they can’t).

Analyst Thinks Touch ID, USB-C Might Find Its Way To 2019’s iPhones

Apple has been making some interesting decisions in the past couple of years. They ditched the Touch ID sensor on its iPhones, and they also got rid of the Lightning port in 2018’s iPad Pros in favor of USB-C. However it seems that 2019 could potentially be the year that we see at least one of the features make a comeback.


Apple Patent Describes How Face ID & Touch ID Can Used In The Same Device

Apple made an interesting decision to drop Touch ID entirely on the iPhone X in favor of Face ID. While Face ID has proven itself to be a pretty secure way of protecting your iPhone, the downside is that you are required to look at the phone to unlock it, versus Touch ID where you could reach for your phone and unlock it more discreetly.

Apple Could Still Be Interested In In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

When Apple introduced Face ID on the iPhones (and eventually the iPad), they ended up removing Touch ID in the process. According to Apple back in 2017, Touch ID was never up for consideration when designing the iPhone X, suggesting that Apple could potentially be done with the tech on its mobile devices for good.

An Increase In Face ID Components Are Reportedly Being Ordered

Last year Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X. They also ditched Touch ID in the process, and for those who still prefer Touch ID, it seems that there is some bad news because according to reports, there is now mounting evidence that Apple could ditch the feature for this year’s iPhones as well.

Early Tests Find That The iPhone X’s Face ID Is Slower Than Touch ID

With the iPhone X, Apple has truly gone all in by taking away a key and signature feature on iPhones ever since the iPhone 5s: Touch ID. Whether or not they made the right call still remains to be seen, but unfortunately it seems that some early tests of the iPhone X and Face ID don’t seem particularly positive.

Apple: Touch ID For The iPhone X Was Never An Option

Prior to the iPhone X being announced, there was one consistent rumor and that is Apple would be getting rid of the home button once and for all. This led to many wondering about how Touch ID would work: would it be moved to the back like what we’ve seen with some Android phones, or would it be embedded into the display?

2018 iPhones May Not Have A Home Button

It hasn’t been that long since the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were launched and already we’re hearing rumors about Apple’s 2018 iPhones. It’s now being claimed that the iPhone 8 successor is not going to have a Home button. That also means Touch ID will not be present on next year’s iPhones. This could pave the way for Face ID to land on handsets other than the iPhone […]

Touch ID Reportedly Contributed To iPhone X Delay

Compared to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone X’s release has been “delayed” to November. Of course it could have been Apple’s plan all along, but there have been various reports suggesting a number of reasons as to why the iPhone X might be launching in November, with some citing production problems as one of the reasons.

Apple Patent Hints At iPhone With Under Screen Touch ID

When Apple launched the iPhone X, one of the new features of the iPhone was the introduction of Face ID which is a facial recognition system. This went against earlier rumors that suggested that Apple would be trying to implement an under screen fingerprint sensor, but instead it seems like Apple decided to do away with Touch ID completely.

2018 iPhones Could Fully Adopt Face ID If Feature Is Well-Received

With the iPhone X, Apple has done away with Touch ID in favor of Face ID, a new security feature in which users have their faces instead of their fingerprints scanned to authenticate who they are before the iPhone is unlocked as well as to verify Apple Pay purchases. So the question is will this feature find its way to 2018’s iPhones?

New Report ‘Confirms’ iPhone 8 Will Not Have Touch ID

Touch ID has become somewhat standard and expected from the iPhone ever since Apple introduced it on the iPhone 5s. However we have heard rumors that the upcoming iPhone 8 could skip Touch ID and introduce a new facial scanning feature as an alternative, which is kind of a risky move.