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Panasonic Toughbook 31 Goes For 18 Hours Now
You know for sure that a computer will need juice – or electricity to run, and even more so when it comes to laptops. Now, with the advent of Ultrabooks, laptops do happen to run for a few hours on end before requiring a recharge. The thing is, can your laptop actually last for a good 18 hours at a stretch? The refreshed Panasonic Toughbook 31 certainly can, and if […]

Panasonic Expands Toughbook H2 Battery Recall
When it comes to recalls of a particular product, it does bring about a rather sobering experience – that the company which you purchased the product from has a sense of responsibility and integrity to owning up to their mistake, but does this mean you can trust in their future product quality and reliability? Panasonic has long churned out tough and rugged tablets, and the Toughbook line has seen a […]

Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 Battery Life Increases To 14 Hours
When it comes to having a notebook, there is one particularly important aspect that many people look at – and that would be the battery life. Of course, sacrifices must be made – not only in terms of battery life but design and portability as well, so it is always a careful balancing act that one has to perform whenever one is on the go. Well, the latest iteration of […]

Panasonic Toughbook CF-AX3 Announced
Tablets, tablets everywhere! Most tablets that we know of come in shiny and svelte form factors, being as lightweight and portable as possible. However, there are some moments in life where we need to step things up by a notch, and make sure that our hardware devices are more rugged than usual. This is where the likes of the new Panasonic Toughbook CF-AX3 comes in handy, where it is actually […]


Panasonic Toughbook SX2 brings tough to business notebooks
When it comes to churning out rugged devices, no other name seem to do it better than Panasonic of Japan. In fact, they do provide updates to previous Toughbooks in the past, and their latest effort involves the Panasonic Toughbook SX2, touted to be one of the more rugged notebooks around. Panasonic claims an unprecedented 14.5 hours of battery life on the road – although we do wonder just how […]

Panasonic ToughPad Android-Powered Rugged Tablet
Since Panasonic is well known for its ToughBook lineup of ultra rugged laptops that can survive the craziest weather conditions and environments, it comes as no surprise that the company has designed two Android-powered rugged tablets (7” and 10”) to complete the ToughBook offering.The 10” Toughpad A1, powered by Marvell 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor and Android 3.2, boasts a high brightness, 10.1 XGA capacitive, multi-touch, daylight-viewable screen (500 nits anti-reflective […]

Panasonic Toughbook Android Tablet Revealed
Panasonic has revealed its rugged Android tablet. It is a sturdy-looking 10.1″ tablet that looks like it can take punishing shocks on every corner, without being knocked out. Panasonic pitches it as a “business tablet”, so it comes with 3G/4G and IT management features, including hardware-level features that could mean “encryption”. It also has handwriting recognition and does not need a stylus, which has been a hallmark of business tablet […]

Panasonic ToughBook S10 Announced
Panasonic is updating its ToughBook S9 model with the release of the ToughBook S10, a 12.1-inch business-rugged notebook that weights only 3 lbs with an integrated DVD drive. The next-gen device offers a faster processor (Intel Core i5-2520M vPro™ -2.5GHz), USB 3.0 and 2.0 support, enhanced battery life (12.5 hours standard, impressive!) and increased RAM (4GB expandable to 8 GB) compared to the S9.Business-rugged means that the S10 can survive […]

Panasonic ToughBook H2 Rugged Tablet Computer
The Toughbook H2 is a rugged Windows tablet and the successor of the Toughbook H1. To design this new product, Panasonic gathered customer feedback, and a more powerful processor was the main request from users, mainly to allow better multitasking.The H2 gets an Intel Core i5-2557M vPro, an Ultra Low Voltage CPU running at 1.7Ghz (with Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz), to replace the Atom Z540, which is much more […]

Panasonic Toughbook C1 gets updated
You can’t get any more rugged when it comes to computers and notebooks than with the Panasonic Toughbook C1. The Japanese company has already churned out what they deem to be the world’s lightest 12.1” convertible tablet PC, and with this new update, it will sport a 320GB hard drive for the base model, boasting up to a dozen hours of battery life, 2GB RAM that can be expanded to […]

Panasonic Toughbook is one rugged Android tablet
 Last week we wrote about Panasonic announcing the updated Toughbook 19 – a rugged notebook that looked like its strong enough to take a missile head on, and still be able to function after the smoke has cleared. Well, it looks like Panasonic has decided to expand its Toughbook lineup by introducing a new tablet to the mix.Designed for users who need a tablet that can handle a little roughhousing, […]

Panasonic Toughbook 53 announced
Panasonic did not roll out the Toughbook 53 just for the sake of a newer version of the popular Toughbook 52, but has the best interests of consumers at heart by introducing some rather features substantial differences, with the smaller viewing area being one of the more noticeable ones – downsizing to 14″ from a previously generous 15.4″. That should not be too shabby at all, as it would also […]

Panasonic Toughbook S9 announced
Those who have been looking for a really tough notebook would definitely have heard of the Panasonic Toughbook series before, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade. Today, we bring you the Panasonic Toughbook S9 which has been touted to be the lightest 12.1-inch notebook in the world to come with a built-in DVD drive, of course. You will find an Intel Core i5-520M vPro processor […]

Panasonic Toughbook U1 Ultra just launched
Panasonic has just launched the Toughbook U1 Ultra, a more powerful version of the existing Toughbook U1. Among the improvements, there is 2GB of memory (versus 1GB previously) and 64GB of solid-state-drive (SSD) storage (versus 16/32GB for the U1). The processor has been slightly upgraded as well and this time, the computer comes with Windows 7 instead of XP (for better or worse). Other than that, the Toughbook U1 Ultra […]

Panasonic ToughBook 31 Fully Rugged Notebook
Today, Panasonic is upgrading its fully-rugged notebook lineup with the ToughBook 31 (6th generation) that comes with the latest Intel Core i5 or i3 processor and an optional ATI Radeon HD 5650, useful for professionals in need of GIS or other graphic-rich applications. Boasting a 13.1 inch 1024×768 LCD touchscreen (no multitouch) with new LED backlighting for low power consumption, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, a shock mounted flex-connect hard drive, […]

Panasonic Updates Its Toughbook CF-52 And CF-T8
Rugged notebooks aren’t for everybody, but if you are in the market for a rugged notebook, Panasonic has just announced two updated models of its rugged Toughbook computers, the CF-52 notebook and the CF-T8 tablet-alternative. The former now sports Intel’s Core i5 CPU clocked at 2.53GHz, 2GB of RAM, 250GB shock mounted hard drive, mobile broadband modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The CF-T8 is powered by an Intel Core 2 CPU […]

Panasonic ToughBook C1 Convertible Tablet PC Video
Editor’s note; this is an updateof the article published yesterday, we added the video2010 is touted to be the year of the tablet , thanks to the iPad launch; but, the latest Apple luxury toy has nothing in common with the new Panasonic ToughBook C1, the “world’s lightest 12,1″ convertible tablet PC“*, which will provide good computing performances far away from your couch, in bad weather conditions and tough environments. […]

Panasonic Toughbook H1 Field - Rugged Tablet PC
[MWC] Today, Panasonic announced the latest model of its Toughbook series, the H1 Field. Geared toward field sales personnel, maintenance workers, first responders and healthcare professionals, the new Panasonic Toughbook H1 Field gets the optional Qualcomm Gobi2000 mobile broadband technology allowing multi carriers connectivity, the IP65 and MIL-STD-810G certification – with a six foot drop rating-, Smartcard, RFID and barcode readers, making the device highly mobile and productive in extreme […]

Toughbook H1 gets Gobi Certification
Panasonic’s Toughbook H1 has finally received Gobi Certification, making it fit for use on the Verizon Wireless network. The Toughbook H1 is one interesting proposition for folks who are in the mobile healthcare environment, as it adds value to their workday by eliminating down time while increasing overall productivity even when one is away from traditional healthcare facilities. Gobi processors also allow IT administrators to manage a solitary stock keeping […]