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Healbe GoBe 2 Smart Life Band Fitness Tracker
[CES 2017] The world of wearable technology has certainly taken a slight shift in terms of its hardware. It is no longer limited to just smartwatches alone, as there are many different kinds of tracking devices in the market now. Healbe would like to stand out from the crowd with the GoBe 2 Smart Life Band. The GoBe 2 claims to be the first and only wearable which will be […]

Fight Cabin Fever With The LifeTrak BRITE R450
For those who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, you would most probably be aware by now that we are all thrown into the first week of autumn, and what a welcome it is! The leaves have started to perform their annual ”trick” of changing color, while the air starts to get a whole lot cooler and crisper – with days being shorter too, of course. However, this weather […]

Care Predict Activity Tracker System Targets Seniors
Most of the time, an activity tracker is something that is used by the young and mobile, as it is meant to calculate the amount of activity done in addition to calories burned for some of the more sophisticated models. How about an activity tracker for the older folks out there? This is what the Care Predict system is all about, where it will target the elderly. The elderly are […]