Brite-R450For those who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, you would most probably be aware by now that we are all thrown into the first week of autumn, and what a welcome it is! The leaves have started to perform their annual ”trick” of changing color, while the air starts to get a whole lot cooler and crisper – with days being shorter too, of course. However, this weather does not have a positive effect on everyone, since there are some who suffer from what is known as “cabin fever.” Salutron intends to help those who suffer from such a condition with the LifeTrak BRITE R450.

The LifeTrak BRITE R450 happens to be a new tracker which is touted to monitor the amount of blue and white light which you are exposed to throughout the entire day. Blue light has been tested to show just how beneficial it is when it comes to enhancing one’s mood, giving your energy levels a boost, as well as improve the overall quality of sleep. Not only that, it will inform you if you are receiving too little or too much light, and it will also send out recommendations based on your time zone.

In addition, the LifeTrak BRITE R450 will also feature improved sleep tracking features, where it knows just when you fall asleep, as well as keeping track on the quality of your sleep. A vibrating alarm helps to wake you up at the most optimal time too. Expect this puppy to roll out this October 15th for $129.99.

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