gobe2[CES 2017] The world of wearable technology has certainly taken a slight shift in terms of its hardware. It is no longer limited to just smartwatches alone, as there are many different kinds of tracking devices in the market now. Healbe would like to stand out from the crowd with the GoBe 2 Smart Life Band. The GoBe 2 claims to be the first and only wearable which will be able to keep track of calorie intake, hydration levels and emotional state automatically. All of these in the name of achieving one’s weight loss and general health goals, something that many of us have at the start of each new year.

The GoBe 2 is a second-generation device, with its primary target being those who would like to lose some weight. Activity and stress sensors work together alongside the patented Healbe FLOW Technology, where it will then be able to monitor nine key health parameters. Some of the health factors that are taken into consideration include calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate, sleep quality, distance traveled and number of steps per day.

It does so in a non-invasive manner, and to be able to keep track of your emotional state is certainly not a common feature found in other kinds of smart bands. Being sleeker in design and lighter than its predecessor, the GoBe 2 has a stylish, contemporary black faceplate which showcases easy to read bright blue characters as well as intuitive symbols and notifications. All tracked data will be securely sent to smartphones and portable devices over Bluetooth LE, which can be viewed on the Healbe GoBe apps.

Expect the GoBe 2 to be available later this month for $179.95 apiece.

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