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Amsterdam Central Station Ends Up As A Rainbow Station
I don’t think that we will be able to find a pot of gold at the end of the Amsterdam Central Station even when it lights up as a Rainbow Station not too long after sunset happens. How is this transformation made possible? Well, there will be a 4-kilowatt spotlight that will project a stunning rainbow via a custom-designed liquid crystal spectral filter, all the way onto one of the […]

Hammer In Hand Allows Straphangers To Break Windows With Ease
Commuters know just how dangerous their travels can be if they find themselves in a bus, subway or train that has stopped functioning properly or there’s an absolute emergency, forcing you to leave through a window. Many forms of public transportation have ways where passengers can simply push out a window, but if those aren’t functioning properly, you’re going to have to break a window or two. That’s where the […]

L0 Train Being Tested In Japan
Our world is definitely getting more and more connected these days, and I am not referring only to the ever shortening digital divide, but rather, the network of transportation. Low cost airlines have made it possible for folks to travel to countries where they never dreamed of being able to do without blowing the family’s budget, and Japan, a country where traveling by rail has been the norm for the […]

Woman Steals Train, Loses Control, And Smashes It Into Apartment Building
A 20 year-old woman stole a four-car train during the wee hours of the morning at a depot outside Stockholm. Unable to drive properly, she lost control of the train and drove it right straight into an apartment building occupied by three families. Luckily, no one inside the three-story building was harmed. On the other hand, the thief, who happens to work for a cleaning company, suffered serious injuries and […]


Startram might be future mass transit system for space travel
Traveling to space is not cheap at all, just ask any government involved in a space program and they will tell you just how much of a dent space programmes make into their annual budget. Well, privatizing it is one thing, but that would mean only a select few with deep pockets and seemingly unlimited bank accounts are able to make the trip. How about introducing a mass transit system […]

Boss coffee can doubles up as train body
The Japanese love canned coffee, considering how it is easily found in the numerous vending machines around the Land of the Rising Sun, giving you a quick boost of caffeine no matter where you are. Boss, one of the more popular coffee brands in that part of the world, has a novel method of selling even more coffee – by running a promotion that features a steam locomotive figurine with […]

China tests train that hit 500km/h
Imagine getting across the country on a train that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 500km/h – don’t you think that this is going to be a treat? It would eliminate the hassle of checking in an hour earlier for domestic flights, as well as doing away with those pesky security checkpoints at airports. China is at the forefront here, where their test train managed to achieve a […]

Lightsabers used for train railings in Japan
We all know what a huge success the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray release was, and the Force is certainly strong all over the globe. Even those living in the Land of the Rising Sun is not spared (which is a good thing), where the boxset hit Japan slightly more than a week ago. In order to promote the release of this unique boxset, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment […]

AutoTram: Bus or tram, you decide
It is rather interesting to note that sometimes, a particular device or in this case, mode of transportation comes in an unorthodox form factor that you might actually be confused to know which is its primary function and what is the secondary one. The AutoTram for example, is it a bus, tram or train, or all three rolled in one to create a new class of public transport? In such […]

Innowattech IPEG PAD Harvests Energy From Passing Trains
Israel’s Innowattech had previously tested piezoelectric energy generators that can produce renewable energy from passing cars on the highway and now the company has moved to incorporate a similar product on trains. The company is planning the project with the National Railway Company of Israel to research the IPEG PAD, a rail pad that can be used for a smart rail field. The test includes the replacement of 32 existing […]

New Movable Train Seat Concept
Product designers SeymourPowell have designed a new seating system for trains, allowing you to create whatever configuration of chairs that you wish. With this design, chairs don’t have to be locked to the standard group of two or four seats, rather they can be rotated and moved, even arranged as large groups for meetings. Another possible use of this kind of flexible seating would be for night trains where seats […]