T-Mobile’s Blackberry Torch 9810 training underway

Back in early October, a leaked T-Mobile roadmap showed a RIM device which was codenamed the “Dumoine”, and it was scheduled for a release on the 9th of November. This device is none other than the Blackberry Torch 9810 and if you’re looking for further proof that the device is well on its way to seeing its scheduled 9th of November release on T-Mobile, this leaked internal screenshot of T-Mobile’s […]

Wattbike measures how much power you generate during cycling

If you’ve always wondered about how much power you produce whenever you’re cycling, you won’t have to wonder anymore. (In case you were wondering, cyclists do measure their power output as a way to compare their skills and to measure their growth and progress as an athlete.) Unfortunately, most bikes don’t have the capability to accurately measure how much power a cyclist produces during a bike ride.Well, the folks over […]

Sprint Motorola Xoom and Nexus S 4G arriving in early May?

The folks over at Engadget have managed to get their hands on a screenshot showing an internal schedule for Sprint employees, and it reveals some interesting details. On April 25 (which is in a few days), training for the Motorola Xoom Android tablet and Samsung Nexus S 4G begins – which means the devices might be landing not too long after that. But if you’ve been anticipating getting your hands […]

Punching Pro gives you a nonstop workout

A fitness-nut/draftsman named Kris Tressider was getting bored with sparring against a punching bag during his daily workouts and so he decided to take things into his own hands. Instead of going to a gym for a sparring partner like most people would, he built a robot that could spar with him. Called the Punching Pro, this sparring robot has the ability to throw punches back at the person using […]


UFC Personal Trainer puts the fit back into video gaming

If you thought that video games were all designed to keep your butts glued to the couch – well you’re wrong. THQ and Zuffa have announced that they will be expanding the UFC video gaming portfolio over to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii later this year. But instead of the regular fighting games you’ve come to expect from the UFC franchise, UFC Personal Trainer is a game aimed to […]

SimQuest to release open-incision surgical simulator

While they say practice makes perfect but in the realm of surgery, you don’t really have a lot to practice with. What surgeons in training have to practice on right now are live patients or animals, and usually living things are not subjects you want to practice your craft on. That is all about to change. SimQuest has announced that they will be releasing the world’s first open-incision surgical sim. […]

Secret Service to train with video games

The US Secret Service has recently announced that they will be including video games in their training methods. The Secret Service have been using tabletop simulations for more than 40 years and this upgrade to modern technology is a significant change from what they’ve been doing all along. The Secret Service will be training in a virtual reality environment that uses a 55″ stereoscopic 3D display to immerse trainees into […]

Corsuit could improve your swimming prowess

Remember the Speedo swimsuit fiasco that happened some time back during the Olympics, where all Speedo-sponsored swimmers tend to clock far better times than the rest of the competition because of the suit that they wear? Well, the Corsuit isn’t anything like it, but rather, is meant to help swimmers achieve their natural speed advantages without breaking any competition rules. Hence, it cannot be worn during competitions, but rather this […]

Haptic Feedback Tools To Help With Laparoscopic Surgery Training

Laparoscopic gastric banding is a surgical treatment for morbid obesity, and apparently the most important factor in the success of this operation is the hands of the surgeon. He’ll need plenty of proficiency and skill to do the necessary inside the patient’s body. Now researchers have recently won a $2.3M federal grant in order to develop a touch-sensitive virtual reality simulator that can realistically replicate how performing a gastric band […]