Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging trial announced for London

Folks living in London as well as its vicinity might be interested to know that the first Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) trial will be happening soon, thanks to Qualcomm as well as the corporation’s co-operation with the UK Government. This pre-commercial trial is tipped to begin from early next year onwards, where the exercise will involve up to 50 electric vehicles (EVs). This particular trial will rely on Qualcomm […]

Volunteers required for 4G LTE trial in Cornwall, UK

Tech enthusiasts should make a trip to Cornwall – after all, that area currently requires volunteers to participate in the trial of a new high-speed 4G broadband connection as part of a joint project by Everything Everywhere and BT. This trial will run from September to December in South Newquay, where it will have its main focus on broadband delivering in expensive-to-reach rural areas. This is also a golden opportunity […]

iPhone helps doctors to save lives

According to a recent experiment conducted in the UK, it has been proven that the iPhone helps to save lives. At the Royal United Hospital in Bath, 31 doctors with similar experience were split into two groups – those without iPhones and those with. In their respective groups, they were put up to the task of handling a simulated cardiac arrest emergency and judged by their performance. Those with iPhones […]

Nintendo Not Keen on Game Demos, Scrapping Them on 3DS?

Out of all three big players in the video game scene, Nintendo is the one with the biggest peeve when it comes to offering free game demos. Nintendo just doesn’t like giving away anything for free – not even if the trial is just a bunch of digital zeros and ones. Sadly, gamers love game demos. They love being able to try before they buy. Just take a look at […]


Warner Brothers to rent out movies on Facebook

Can Facebook compete with Netflix? Who knows, but they’re certainly trying to bank in on it. Warner Brothers has just announced that they will be offering video stream rentals of their movies through the online social network. At the moment they only have one title up for rent – 2009’s smash hit blockbuster, The Dark Knight. Users can rent a movie for just 30 Facebook Credits ($3) and they get […]

Microsoft Office for Mac now available as a trial

If you’ve always wanted to use Microsoft Office on your Mac computer but didn’t know if it was going to be worth forking out so much money for, great news for you. Microsoft has just announced that Microsoft Office 2011 – the latest version of their office suite, is now available as a free trial for Macs. So if you’ve been waiting all this while to get your hands on […]

Singaporean schools to utilize iPads in the classroom

A high school in Singapore has recently spent a buttload of cash ($103,430 to be approximate) for 150 iPads from Apple. Part of a pilot project to determine how useful iPads can be in the classroom, the iPads have been given out to children to take notes, make worksheets, and look up additional information on their current subject. The dean of the curriculum wants this project to give children more […]

AT&T’s 3G MicroCell Giveaways Are Part Of Its Trials In Certain Markets

Many customers have been pleasantly surprised to receive 3G MicroCell units from AT&T recently. The device usually costs about $150 and goes some way to helping users address some network connectivity issues in certain areas. AT&T has apparently stated that the reason for giving away these devices is that it’s running trials in two markets in order to determine the most effective way to market the product. Specific regions weren’t […]