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DIY Tron messenger bag project
So, have you contributed to Tron’s $40 million plus opening weekend figures? Either way, you will be pleased to know that we can expect more and more Tron merchandise to flood the market, where some of the more enterprising people out there will also come up with DIY projects – case in point, the DIY Tron messenger bag project. All it takes is a healthy dose of know-how, a fair […]

Limited Edition Orange Xbox 360 TRON Controller
Nobody seems to be able to get enough of TRON at the moment, right? That’s probably why we’re seeing another TRON peripheral, this time it’s an orange controller for the Xbox 360 that is up for pre-order at the moment. This controller is part of a limited 250-unit production run and is officially licensed by Microsoft. For all that TRON goodness, you’ll need to shell out $49.99. Of course, if […]

Custom Tron Legacy skatecycle
You know that Tron Legacy is going to be huge in the international box office – there is just no doubt about it. After all, with fancy costumes, glow-in-the-dark suits, an extremely flashy sci-fi environment with the customary hot chicks thrown into the mix, you have a winner there – with a marketing juggernaut to help it boost ticket sales at the same time. Well, Tron fever can be said […]

Monster TRON PS3 Slim Powerstation 400
Looks like even PS3 accessories aren’t spared from the TRON madness and the folks over at Monster have introduced the Monster TRON Legacy PS3 Slim Powerstation 400. This device offers Monster’s Clean Power technology, a 4-port USB smart charger and the USB ports can be used for accessories such as guitars, drum sets and more. Of course, regardless of the features, you can bet the most appealing thing about this […]


TRON Daft Punk Headphones
Disney is partnering with Monster Cables and Medicom Toy to create the TRON Daft Punk Headphones that will light up with an LED Drive System, as inspired by the Disney film, to help recreate the TRON: Legacy animated lighting effects. The audio over-the-ear futuristic headphones have noise isolating technology to block background noise and also features a removable boo microphone for gaming along with Monster ControlTalk technology for easy calling. […]

TRON Helmet Up For Purchase To Go With Your Lightcycle
This helmet isn’t going to have the kids on your street cowering in fear anytime soon, but if you’re a die-hard TRON fan and want to make it known while you’re still riding a bike, then this is a cheap way to do so. It doesn’t look like the helmet used on the new TRON: Legacy lightcycles, but it does look similar to the helmets used in the original TRON […]

Street-legal TRON Lightcycle Costs $55,000
With TRON: Legacy just around the corner, it’s not surprising to see that everybody is getting hyped up over the movie, especially the iconic lightcycles. We’ve seen a street-legal version going for $35,000 before and now folks have come up with 10 custom-built TRON lightcycles too, priced at $55,000 each. These street-legal bikes are powered by a V-twin engine from a Suzuki TLR1000 and weigh about 474 pounds. The lightcycle […]

Tokyoflash Kisai Light Speed Watch Reminds You Of TRON
The folks over at Tokyoflash are no strangers to weird watch designs and the Kisai Light Speed seems to have been influenced by TRON in some way, which is good news considering that TRON: Legacy is just around the corner. You’ll need to hit a button to tell the time and you can keep its internal battery juiced via a USB port. If you’re enticed by this, be prepared to shell […]

TRON 4GB And 8GB Light Cycle USB Drives
With TRON: Legacy just around the corner, you can bet that it’s hard to get TRON memorabilia out of our minds. Next up we’ve got the TRON Light Cycle, available in both 4GB and 8GB USB drives, inspired by the movie and available in both white and black. Aside from just storing your boring data, the wheel base also flashes, as we know one of the main attractions of TRON […]

Tron Xbox 360 controller lights up your gaming time
Are you looking forward to the 3D version of Tron? Well, we have news for you – you can definitely soup up your gaming sessions with the Tron Xbox 360 controller for $50. The main drawback we have about this would be the lack of wireless connectivity, but otherwise, you might just prefer to spend your gaming time at nights now with all the lights turned off simply because you […]

Oakley 3D Eyewear For TRON: Legacy
By now you should be pretty used to seeing TRON-themed accessories going around as everybody seems to be trying to jump on the bandwagon, including Oakley. The company has introduced the Oakley special edition TRON: Legacy 3D glasses, allowing you to actually wear your own pair of fancy 3D glasses when you go to see the movie, instead of using the theater’s 3D specs like the rest of the world. […]

7R0N Concept Watch Inspired By TRON
With the upcoming TRON film getting everybody excited, it’s easy to imagine folks creating merchandise to ride on the wave of anticipation, and that’s exactly what some folks are doing. Aside from the official gear, a designer has come up with an TRON-inspired watch dubbed the Seven-R-Zero-N, obviously a reference to TRON since it’s spelt as “7R0N”. The lights on the face indicate the hours and the minutes and you […]

TRON Legacy Wiimote goes through FCC's door
The TRON Legacy movie can be said to be a blockbuster as part of a foregone conclusion, although it remains to be seen whether the 2D version would be as stunning as the way it is meant to be viewed – and by that, we mean via stereoscopic 3D. Well, the movie is still on track for a December 17th release, and Disney aims to wring more money out of […]

Razer Releases TRON Legacy Gaming Peripherals
A few days ago we had the TRON-edition of the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wiimote controllers, next up is the confirmation that Razer wants in on the fun too, with its new TRON: Legacy gaming peripherals for PC gamers, including an ergonomic gaming mouse that sports Razer’s 5600dpi 3.5g gaming grade sensor, a gaming keyboard with programmable keys and macro capabilities along with a detachable keypad, and a high precision mousepad. […]