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Tron 3 Could Be In The Pipeline
While Tron:Legacy did not end up as a phenomenal box office success despite delivering some really snazzy 3D effects along the way, it proved to be a trip down memory lane that many people appreciated to say the least. having said that, it looks as though Tron 3 is in the pipeline, as Disney is said to be taking a step in the direction that will see a third “Tron” […]

Lightcycle Deemed Not Road Worthy In China
There are times when vehicles from a movie franchise look way too cool to pass up in real life, assuming someone comes up with a replica that functions close to what the movie version is capable of doing. The Batmobile is one particular ride that has been rehashed many a time, but when it comes to the coolness factor, there is no way the Tron Lightcycle can be dismissed. In […]

Monster Light Disc Audio Dock for Tron fans
Are you a huge fan of the movie Tron? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested in the $349.95 Monster Light Disc Audio Dock – Tron edition. Of course, getting a second hand version is definitely going to be a whole lot cheaper, but you would miss out on the shiny new gadget smell and feel. While the rest of the world around you will […]

Tron lightcycle replica up for auction
Fancy owning yourself a motorcycle that looks like it was stolen from the movie set of Tron? Well, here’s your chance. The folks over at Charitybuzz are auctioning off a replica Lightcycle aka a Xenon Light Motor Bike. Designed by the Parker Brother Choppers and donated by Evolve Motorcycles, it features a custom lithium ion battery which is used to power its electric motor. That’s right, no unhealthy emissions will […]


PDP unveils TRON inspired game controllers
Fans of TRON will be pleased to hear that PDP (Performance Designed Products) the final collector’s edition TRON controller for both Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming console. The design for both controllers is based off Gem, a Siren program from TRON: Legacy film.

Evolve Motorcycles takes on the Tron Lightcycle
I guess ever since the remake of Tron came out last year, we have certainly seen our fair share of Lightcycles from different manufacturers, and here we are with Evolve Motorcycles announcing a couple of plug-in models for the masses, which we will concentrate on only one simply because of its design. Known as the Xenon, or Tron Lightcycle replica, this is an actual motorcycle which will boast of 32″ […]

TRON pinball machine for your living room
Forget about getting that fine piece of bone china vase for your living room as a decorative statement – not only is it expensive, but how are you going to keep yourself amused with a vase whenever things slow down around you? However, with TRON: Legacy Pinball, you will certainly not only invoke the green eyed monster in your friends who drop by, but you can also relive those childhood […]

Tron Inspired Concept Phone Of The Future
Are you a huge Tron fan? If you are what do you think of this Tron inspired concept phone? Designed by Raul Galindo, the phone tries to keep to its “futuristic” look by only measuring 7mm in thickness, with a 4-inch touch screen display. Granted that the 4-inch display isn’t exactly futuristic (we kind of expected holographic images to pop up), the design is. It’s aptly named the “Tron Phone” […]

Bods Mods' TRON Lightcycle PC is the bee's knees
Some say that PC case modding is a form of art, and if you were sitting on the fence requiring more concrete evidence, then surely even the TRON Lightcycle PC from Bods Mods is capable of swaying your mind. This is not a street legal version of the fantasy vehicle in the 3D blockbuster that was screened at the end of last year, as it measures just 40″ long (or […]

Custom Tron Light Cycle Board Game
Can’t get enough of all things Tron? Well, Brett King must have had a little bit more extra time on this hands to come up with the Custom Tron Light Cycle Board Game and Playset. Of course, here’s what the man has to say about his pet project :-I thought I would share my latest project, which is a TRON game that I made to play with my kids. It […]

A place where Tron programs feel at home
Last week we featured the Star Wars-inspired home on our blog, this week we have another sci-fi-themed home, but it’s Tron-themed instead. For the upcoming design week at Milan, Disney and DuPoint will be teaming up to show off a TRON-inspired home. The home will be made from Corian, a material commonly used by DuPoint in their countertops, to create sterile-looking furniture and various accessories that can be found in […]

Blackbird concept vehicle gets inspiration from Mercedes-Benz and TRON
There’s no denying that there is a certain allure about Mercedes-Benz cars, but then again, we love TRON too. Now a Hungarian designer out there has come up with a concept vehicle dubbed the Blackbird that seems to combine a Mercedes-Benz and vehicles from TRON. The name of this concept vehicle actually comes from the fastest manned aircraft, the Lockheed Blackbird Sr71.  If Mercedes-Benz actually did come up with such […]

Cat dressed up in a TRON costume
While it’s not Halloween, that hasn’t stopped TRON fanatics from dressing up their pets as if they just escaped from the Grid. Someone dressed their cat up in a costume of lighted rings and posted a picture of it online. Talk about being a big fan- it looks like the cat’s owner purchased a $20 EL wire, and fashioned it into a suit for the cat. What a way to […]

TRON: Legacy concept watch
With TRON: Legacy released, you can bet that there are many folks out there who are looking to grab hold of TRON memorabilia and this concept TRON watch feels like it was born from a collaboration between TRON and the folks over at Tokyoflash. You get your iconic blue TRON lights and time is displayed in hours and five minute hexa-slots. It’s branded with TRON: Legacy instead of the original […]