There have been rumors to suggest that Apple will go with an embedded fingerprint sensor with the iPhone 8, where the home button will be removed and users can scan their fingerprint via the display. However there have been some photos that surface that suggests that maybe Apple might simply move the fingerprint sensor to the back.

However that might not be the case because in a report from DigiTimes, it seems that TSMC themselves might have confirmed the embedded fingerprint sensor. For those unfamiliar with TSMC, they are one of the chipmakers for Apple’s A-series of chipsets. The report claims that TSMC had told their sources that there are a number of design changes to the iPhone 8, and that one of those changes is an embedded fingerprint sensor.

That being said, DigiTimes doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to Apple related rumors, so take it with a grain of salt for now. So far based on the feedback we’ve seen, many are disliking the possibility that the fingerprint sensor could be placed on the back, just like how many reacted negatively to Samsung’s choice of a rear-facing fingerprint sensor.

In any case we’re probably still several months away from hearing about the iPhone 8, but here’s hoping this information is accurate!

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