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TSMC Affected By Taiwan Earthquake, Production Impacted
For those who missed the news, on the 6th of February, an earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.4 struck Taiwan. The earthquake is said to have been the deadliest earthquake in the country since the 921 earthquake and has left 116 confirmed dead. Not only has it affected the lives of the Taiwanese people, but it has affected businesses as well.

iPhone 7’s A10 Chipset Will Be Solely Manufactured By TSMC [Rumor]
Based on what Apple’s been doing over the past few years, it is safe to assume that with the iPhone 7, the Cupertino company will use the A10 chipset. However the question is, who will Apple turn to for the manufacturing of the component? According to a report from ETNews (via MacRumors), it seems that we can expect TSMC to be the sole manufacturer.

TSMC Rumored To Have Exclusive On Apple’s A10 SoC
Based on the way things have been progressing, it is only natural that come 2016 we can look forward to Apple’s iPhone 7. This model will not only represent a change in terms of design, but also a change in hardware and what we can only assume will include a brand new SoC in the form of the A10.Now there have been rumors in the past that suggests that TSMC […]

Apple’s A10 SoC Rumored To Be TSMC Exclusive
With this year’s A9 chipset, it was discovered that the chipsets were manufactured by both Samsung and TSMC. This wouldn’t be a big deal since Apple typically sources from various manufacturers, but it was discovered that the chipsets were of different sizes and that the TSMC-made chipset even offered better battery life (even if it was marginally).That being said, a new rumor has surfaced in which it claims that the […]


Find Out If Your iPhone 6s Has The TSMC Or Samsung-Made A9 Chip
Now there has been quite a bit of fuss surrounding Apple’s new iPhones in what many have called “batterygate”. Basically for those who are hearing about this for the first time, the new iPhones feature A9 chipsets made by both Samsung and TSMC. However it was discovered that not only are the chipsets different in size, but apparently the TMSC version has longer battery life.This is based on benchmarks which […]

Apple’s TSMC-made A9 SoC Reportedly Provides A Longer Battery Life
As some of you guys might have heard, it was recently discovered that the A9 chipset found in Apple’s new iPhones is made by both Samsung and TSMC. This means that there will be some chipsets made by Samsung, and some made by TSMC. This shouldn’t really be an issue and so far most benchmarks don’t show that there is too much of a different.At least this was until recently […]

TSMC Could Begin A9 Mass Production This Month
The next-gen iPhones are expected to feature Apple’s new A9 chipsets inside of them. Now the rumor mill has been such that it always seems to be alternating between who will lead the production of the chipsets – TSMC or Samsung. Well according to the latest rumors, it seems that TSMC might have secured the lead.This is based on a report out of China which claims that both TSMC and […]

Foxconn CEO Lobbying For TSMC To Produce Apple’s A9 Chipset
When it comes to producing chipsets for Apple, Samsung used to be the main producer of the component, until recent years where TSMC began to take more orders and eventually became Apple’s primary supplier. However recent rumors have suggested that for the upcoming A9 that will be used in the next-gen iPhone, Samsung could be taking the lead.Apparently this is something that Foxconn’s CEO isn’t too thrilled with, so much […]

TSMC Rumored To Produce 70% Of Apple’s A9/A9X Chipsets This Year
When it comes to manufacturing the chipsets for Apple’s iOS devices, the task used to fall squarely into Samsung’s lap, but given that Apple and Samsung had a bit of a legal falling out, we have seen the Cupertino company turn to other manufacturers such as TSMC for their chipset manufacturing needs.According to a recent report, word on the street has it that TSMC will be responsible for manufacturing up […]

Samsung To Produce 75% Of Apple's A9 Chipsets [Rumor]
Apple and Samsung don’t exactly have the best relationship. Granted their lawsuits against one another have stopped gracing the headlines as of late, but it is safe to assume that their relationship will never be the same again. However if the rumors are to be believed, it looks like Apple will still need to rely on Samsung for future A-series processors.According to the latest rumors, word on the street has […]

TSMC Now Said To Lead The Charge On Apple's A9 Processor [Rumor]
There have been rumors that Samsung could be responsible for the manufacturing of Apple’s A9 chipset which is rumored to make its way into the next-gen iPhone. However according to newer rumors, Apple’s A9 chipset could be made by TSMC while Samsung remains as one of Apple’s backup manufacturers should TSMC run into any issues.The rumors claim that TSMC has better production yields which is why Apple could be going […]

Apple Taps Samsung To Produce Majority Of A-Series Chips From 2015
There have been countless rumors that Apple wants to shift its component manufacturing business away from Samsung, because it doesn’t want to line the pockets of its arch rival with billions of dollars. Even though the pieces of the strained relationship between these two giants have been picked up by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., a new report out of Korea suggests that Apple has once again tapped Samsung for producing majority […]

iPhone 6's A8 Chipset Made By TSMC
Given Apple and Samsung’s relationship, many had speculated that for the A8 processor that Apple could be turning to TSMC to help manufacture the chips as opposed to Samsung, who used to be Apple’s go-to manufacturer for their A-series chipsets. Well thanks to the folks at Chipworks, it looks like the rumors were true after all.Chipworks has found that TSMC was indeed the manufacturer of the A8 chipset used inside […]

TSMC Works On 16nm Volume Production For Apple A9 Chip From Q1 2015 Onward
Taking into consideration that Samsung of South Korea is breathing down TSMC’s back, the latter has stepped up plans to roll out 50,000 wafers each month that will make use of its 16nm process, and this is tipped to happen during the entire first quarter of next year. The 16nm process were meant to actually be produced from the second quarter of 2015, and will see action in the Apple […]

Apple's Switch To TSMC Could Have Cost Samsung $1 Billion
One of the reasons why companies aren’t eager to be heavily dependent on each other is because in the event something goes wrong, their operations would be affected hugely, and according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, this could be evidenced in Apple’s decision to switch from Samsung to TSMC to manufacture their A-series of mobile chipsets.While Samsung did not reference Apple directly, they did note that […]

Samsung To Make A-Series Processors For Apple Next Year
Samsung has long been an important component manufacturer for Apple but it has been rumored time and time again that the Cupertino company wants to end its reliance on Samsung and divert its supply chain. Apple did sign a contract with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC and it is believed that the Taiwan-based company has started shipping processors for the iPhone 6. A new report now claims that Apple will […]

Apple Reportedly Starts Receiving 'A' Series Chips From TSMC
Time and time again it has been reported that Apple wants to diversify its supply chain and reduce its reliance on Samsung. The Korean juggernaut, which happens to be its biggest rival in the global market, provides displays and processors to Apple. Cupertino was reportedly leaning on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC to start providing it with processors. A new report today claims that TSMC has now begun shipping […]

Samsung Isn't Facing Manufacturing Issues With Apple's A8 Processor [Report]
The A8 is believed to be the 64-bit processor that Apple is going to use for its 2014 crop of mobile devices, which basically includes new iPhones, new iPads and even the new iPod touch. There have been a lot of contradictory reports about who gets to mass produce the A8 processor. Samsung’s name has come up multiple times in the past, primarily because it has been a major supplier […]

Apple A8 Processor Reportedly Enters Production
Apple is yet to release a new mobile device in this year, and its expected that this isn’t going to happen at least until the second half of the year. That’s because usually Apple launches new mobile devices in the last few months of the year, as evidently seen in 2013 with the launch of new iPads and iPhones. 2014’s crop of Apple mobile devices is expected to come with […]

Apple Said To Source 14nm A9 Chips From TSMC And Samsung In 2015
There has been a lot of talk about Apple wanting to end its reliance upon Samsung. The Korean company provides components as well as manufactures mobile chips for a number of Apple’s products. Similar companies have not been able to fully rival Samsung’s technology, production capacity or even prices, which is why Apple is having to stick with it even though both companies are almost always daggers drawn in court. […]