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Sony UMD Passport program lets you play your old PSP games on the Vita
If you currently own a PSP and have a collection of games that are on UMD discs, we’ve got some good news for you. You’ll be able to play most of those games on the PlayStation Vita when it goes on sale. While the Vita doesn’t have a drive for you to insert your UMD games, Sony will be launching the UMD Passport program that will let you download your […]

Sony to offer UMD trade-in program for PS Vita?
Prior to the PS Vita existed the PSPgo, which was an expensive upgrade for players who may have invested heavily in UMD games for their PSP. Due to the not-so-significant update of the PSPgo compared to the PS Vita, it just did not make sense, but now with the PS Vita seeing huge improvements and new features, undoubtedly there will be plenty of PSP owners who are looking forward to […]

PSPgo hacked to load UMD game ISOs
The issue of being unable to play UMD-only games on the PSPgo has been a sore point to many PSPgo owners, and someone might have a solution to that now, though it’s an unofficial solution, of course. Hackers out there have released a Homebrew Enabler for the PSP firmware 6.31 and 6.35. Using that, hackers were able to get the Prometheus ISO Loader program running on the disc-free console, allowing […]

Was The Sony PSPgo An Experiment?
While the sales figures of Sony’s PSPgo were never officially revealed, the consensus is that sales of the device were far from overwhelming. In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) boss, Andrew House, admitted that they learnt a lot from the PSPgo. While many folks were disappointed with the lack of a UMD drive, essentially forcing them to ditch their previously purchased games, Andrew House admitted that one […]


Disassemble Your PSP Go In Minutes
You’re most probably not going to be able to disassemble a PSP Go in less than 2 minutes, but if you’re looking for a quick stop-motion video on how to disassemble your PSP Go (for whatever reason you might have), we’ve managed to find one that’s pretty cool, and educational too (if you like disassembling stuff). Sadly the reassembly part of the video isn’t going to help you much, but […]