SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt makes opening doors a breeze

Don’t you just hate it when you are rushing to get home (i.e. you need to use the toilet real bad) and sometimes you even drop your keys while fumbling to open the lock? Or when you have two arms full of shopping bags, and it’s practically impossible to open the lock without setting the bags down? Well, the folks over at SimpliciKey have come up with a solution to […]

Sony Ericsson bootloader unlocker launched

Sony Ericsson has kept to their promise of providing an easy way to unlock their Android phones, and today marks the launch of the official bootloader unlocker website. The website that provides official instructions on how SE Android phone users can unlock their bootloader is now live. Modders, developers and users will be pleased to know that they won’t have to go through complicated rooting processes anymore just to gain […]

Sony Ericsson paves the way for official bootloader unlock

Sony Ericsson has gone against the grain with their latest announcement, which will see the smartphone maker offering advance developers the opportunity to unlock the boot loader in a secure and legal way later this spring, although this isn’t a uniform privilege since it will be possible only for selected phone releases. We do know that a quartet of the Xperia line will be covered, and they are the Xperia […]

Apple looking at secure pattern-based unlock for iOS devices

Security is a huge buzzword these days, and it makes perfect sense since sensitive data, if fallen into the wrong hands, might just be abused in a way that you would never have imagined. Apple has hence started to look more into a more secure pattern-based unlock on iOS devices down the road, and a leak on 9to5Mac has shown a system which is not too far off from what […]


Send a text to open a door

Are you the kind of person who is always leaving keys at home or at the office and constantly find yourself stuck out of the house? Well don’t worry, because traditional keys will soon be a thing of the past. Someone managed to build an unlocking contraption for the door of his house and shared a video of it online. To unlock his door, all he has to do is […]

T-Mobile Netherlands offers free iPhone unlocks

The Dutch tend to do things differently, and if the latest news of a mobile carrier from the Netherlands is anything to go by, you know it will offers an alternative viewpoint from what most people are normally used to. After all, a city that legalizes grass is definitely revolutionary from a certain vantage point, right? We just have word that T-Mobile Netherlands is willing to unlock your iPhone for […]

LockCracker claims to open any MasterLock without knowledge of the combination

There is always a sense of satisfaction when it comes to cracking open a particular lock or combination code, and today we bring you the LockCracker that is capable of cracking open any MasterLock which can easily be found across high school and university campuses as well as dorms, thanks to Team JARJ of Olin College. This lock cracking device is capable of taking a combination lock even with an […]

Samsung Galaxy S can be unlocked

Dagentooboy of XDA-Developers has stumbled upon the codes which are used to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S, and they are stored within a .BAK file on the handset itself. These codes are a snap to find, that all you require would be a hex editor and key the code right in whenever you insert a new SIM card. Those who have tried it claimed that both the Captivate and Vibrant […]

Noosy 2-in-1 VoIP Adapter and SIM Unlock

Hmmm, unlocking handsets never really seemed to catch the mainstream imagination until Apple came up with their closed iPhone OS, but here’s a tool that lets you unlock cellphones – albeit not an iPhone, but also offers one click IP dialing as well. Basically, the latter means you can ditch the tried and tested method of entering long numbers as well as PIN codes followed by destination numbers whenever you […]

iPhone Unlocking Provider Slashing Price

iPhone unlock service has lowered the price of its unlocking service from $59 down to $30. Weirdly enough, we’ve embedded a March 12 video that shows a price of $25 from this company… The site claims that its service works on iPhones up to version 2.2.1. It will also jailbreak the iPhone they say. Unlocking allows users to use any SIM card in the phone, while Jailbreaking lets people […]