There is always a sense of satisfaction when it comes to cracking open a particular lock or combination code, and today we bring you the LockCracker that is capable of cracking open any MasterLock which can easily be found across high school and university campuses as well as dorms, thanks to Team JARJ of Olin College. This lock cracking device is capable of taking a combination lock even with an unknown combination, unlocking it while showing off the correct combination to you at the end. Currently, this ambitious project is limited to just the MasterLock brand, although Team JARJ is pretty certain that the flexible electro-mechanical system can be modified in the future to fit into any turn-dial lock – something that might just send folks scampering for newer and better security solutions. The LockCracker is specially automated in a manner that you input as much information as you know about the lock (or nothing at all), and it will run the correct combination using brute force until found. You can take a look at the LockCracker in action in the extended post.

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