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New Carrier Phone Unlocking Policies Are A Go
Unlocking carrier phones in the United States got a whole lot easier today as the Cellular Telephone Industries Association’s new policies have gone into effect. All major carriers in the country will comply with CTIA’s new policies and let their customers unlock phones at no extra charge, provided that they don’t have any binding terms on their contracts.

Phone Unlocking Bill Passed By The Senate
This has been a long time time and it has finally happened. The Senate today passed a bill which legalizes phone unlocking, the decision would have been aided by a favorable House vote this spring on a companion bill. Formally called The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act tabled by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) brings back the rule which allows customers to unlock their mobile phones so that they can […]

HTC One Has Bootloader Unlock Issues
The HTC One continues to remain elusive to some, depending on which mobile carrier that you prefer to be affiliated to. Also, if you so happen to use your phones just as they come, without wanting to tinker with anything under the hood in terms of its operating system, then you can give this read a miss. However, if there is the itch in your belly to unlock your HTC […]

FCC Chairman Vows To Investigate U.S. Cellphone Unlocking Ban
On January 26, it was deemed illegal for those in the U.S. to unlock their cellphones to be used on any wireless carrier they choose, which resulted in a White House petition to be created, receiving over 100,000 signatures, meaning we should be hearing an official response from them in the near future.FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski caught wind of consumers’ outrage, and has voiced his concerns on the topic saying the “ban […]


Unlocking Cellphones In US Illegal This January 26
It seems that the clock is ticking for those who want to unlock their cellphones in the US, as from January 26th onwards, it will be deemed illegal to do so. How did this decision come about? A little bit of history lesson needs to come into play here, as back in October 2012, the Librarian of Congress, a body that determines exemptions to a strict anti-hacking law known as […]

Unlock out-of-contract AT&T iPhones, without any hassle
As the launch event of the iPhone 5 draws near, many iPhone users are planning to shed the older models and grab the new one. However, as eager as they may be, they also wish to extract the best re-sale value from their deviceNaturally, an unlocked iPhone gathers far better money in resale compared to one that is not. In a surprise move, AT&T has provided the users of AT&T […]

AT&T unlocks smartphones for servicemen
We do know that AT&T has already started unlocking the iPhone for off-contract devices since April 8th, and here we are with news that they will also unlock Apple’s best selling smartphone for the US military. Yes, our men and women in uniform who rock on to Apple’s iPhone 4/4S will soon be able to hook up said device with micro-SIM cards from other carriers, making it ideal to bring […]

Unlocked Windows Phone devices get homebrew themes
Besides being able to sideload non-Marketplace apps on your Windows Phone, it looks like unlocking the device has another benefit: more customization options. If only being able to select the background color and the color of the tiles feels too limited for you and you want a more unique-looking Windows Phone device – you’re not alone. And until Microsoft decides to make it an official feature of the operating system, […]

iOS 5 bug unlocks AT&T iPhone 4S sans jailbreak
If you ever wanted to unlock your iPhone 4S while you are rocking to AT&T, then you would be pleased to hear that there is a method of doing so without having to go through the hassle of jailbreaking your device. Yes sir, someone decided to take advantage of an alleged bug in iOS 5, where it supposedly allows you to unlock your best iPhone yet, although you will need […]

Sprint begins to lock iPhone 4S SIMs from today onwards
While other companies decide that 11.11.11 is an auspicious date, I guess the suits over at Sprint think otherwise. In fact, they decided that today will be the day when SIM locks will start to be placed on iPhone 4S models sold from today onwards, at least according to the folk over at SprintFeed. To date, iPhone 4S handsets that were purchased under the Sprint banner would arrive with their […]

Sprint to unlock iPhone 4S for a limited time only
Sprint decides to get into the spirit of Christmas early by announcing that the iPhone 4S that they sell will be unlocked at the beginning, although a rather draconian SIM lock will be “pushed to the devices shortly after launch.” This is at least a welcome change from their original stance. As to what the definition of “shortly” is, it remains to be seen – after all, time is relative […]

Unlock and jailbreak solution for myriad iPhone generations
Update: This seems to be a scam, as the source page is no longer available, although we first spotted this on Google News. Sorry guys and girls, but we don’t think Iunlockiphone433’s solution is a legit one.Iunlockiphone433 has just rolled out its latest unlocking solution that will target all iPhone generations – starting from the iPhone 2G and going to the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Yup, this software […]

HTC hard at work on EVO 3D bootloader unlock
The engineers over at HTC don’t seem to get much sleep, it seems, as they are hard at work to keep the company’s promise of rolling out a bootloader unlock to HTC EVO 3D owners (who by the way, have been waiting patiently for a mere 3 days). Well, just hold on to your horses a little while more instead of leaving plenty of complaints over at HTC’s Facebook page […]

AT&T to unlock new iPhone 4s
It is said that those who purchase spanking new iPhone 4s at Apple retail stores might soon be provided with an AT&T version which is unlocked on the spot – assuming the Apple retail store runs out of the unlocked model, of course. This more or less points toward the suggestion that Apple boasts the capability of unlocking the AT&T version of the iPhone 4, at least according to 9to5 […]

SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt makes opening doors a breeze
Don’t you just hate it when you are rushing to get home (i.e. you need to use the toilet real bad) and sometimes you even drop your keys while fumbling to open the lock? Or when you have two arms full of shopping bags, and it’s practically impossible to open the lock without setting the bags down? Well, the folks over at SimpliciKey have come up with a solution to […]

Sony Ericsson bootloader unlocker launched
Sony Ericsson has kept to their promise of providing an easy way to unlock their Android phones, and today marks the launch of the official bootloader unlocker website. The website that provides official instructions on how SE Android phone users can unlock their bootloader is now live. Modders, developers and users will be pleased to know that they won’t have to go through complicated rooting processes anymore just to gain […]

Sony Ericsson paves the way for official bootloader unlock
Sony Ericsson has gone against the grain with their latest announcement, which will see the smartphone maker offering advance developers the opportunity to unlock the boot loader in a secure and legal way later this spring, although this isn’t a uniform privilege since it will be possible only for selected phone releases. We do know that a quartet of the Xperia line will be covered, and they are the Xperia […]

Apple looking at secure pattern-based unlock for iOS devices
Security is a huge buzzword these days, and it makes perfect sense since sensitive data, if fallen into the wrong hands, might just be abused in a way that you would never have imagined. Apple has hence started to look more into a more secure pattern-based unlock on iOS devices down the road, and a leak on 9to5Mac has shown a system which is not too far off from what […]

Send a text to open a door
Are you the kind of person who is always leaving keys at home or at the office and constantly find yourself stuck out of the house? Well don’t worry, because traditional keys will soon be a thing of the past. Someone managed to build an unlocking contraption for the door of his house and shared a video of it online. To unlock his door, all he has to do is […]

T-Mobile Netherlands offers free iPhone unlocks
The Dutch tend to do things differently, and if the latest news of a mobile carrier from the Netherlands is anything to go by, you know it will offers an alternative viewpoint from what most people are normally used to. After all, a city that legalizes grass is definitely revolutionary from a certain vantage point, right? We just have word that T-Mobile Netherlands is willing to unlock your iPhone for […]