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Following An Accident, US Navy Will Ditch Touchscreen Controllers For Physical Ones
In all the science fiction TV shows and movies we see, it all seems to depict a future in which everything we seem to interact with is either made using a touchscreen display or a hologram. As it stands, a lot of our gadgets are already making that transition, but it seems that as far as the US Navy are concerned, physical controls are still the best.

New U.S. Navy Submarine Has An Xbox Controller
The USS Colorado went into service yesterday, it’s the largest Virginia-class attack submarine that the country’s navy has currently. The new submarine went into service from the aval Submarine Base New London in Connecticut and unlike submarines before it, the 377-foot-long and 7,800-ton sub is the first attack submarine to use an Xbox controller for maneuvering the photonics masts.

US Navy Developing Diving Helmet With Built-In HUD
If you’ve ever seen deep sea divers, you know that they wear diving helmets as a means to protect themselves, like in the event they lose consciousness in which breathable air via oxygen tanks can continue to be delivered into the helmet until the diver is rescued. However the US Navy has decided that these diving helmets could be even more futuristic and hi-tech.

The US Navy’s Most Futuristic Ship Has Officially Set Sail
In terms of transportation, most of us tend to pay attention to cars and motorbikes simply because buying a new car or bike is a lot more feasible than say buying a new fancy high-tech aircraft or a ship. However for those who are ship enthusiasts, you might be interested to learn that the US Navy has recently deployed its latest and most futuristic ship: the USS Zumwalt.This is a […]


US Navy’s Warfare Systems Still Run On Windows XP
Hopefully by now all you guys who are running Windows XP have upgraded to at least Windows 7 or newer. For those unfamiliar, Microsoft has officially ended their support of Windows XP which means that in the future if there are attacks designed to exploit any security loopholes of Windows XP, you guys are on your own.Previously it was suggested that it could cost companies millions of dollars if they […]

U.S. Navy Tests Electromagnetic Jet Fighter Catapult
The United States Navy has been working on a new method to launch fighter jets off of aircraft carriers, not that the old method doesn’t work, but there’s no harm in making things better and more efficient than they already are. It’s working on a next-generation electromagnetic catapult that will one day be deployed on the Navy’s aircraft carriers for the purpose of launching jets, one recent test of the system […]

The US Navy's Brand New Laser Gun Demonstrated On Video
While lasers have found a lot of use in non-combat settings, it felt for a long time that being able to fire a laser from a gun is the stuff of science fiction and can only be achieved in the movies or video games. Well it looks like the future is finally here. You might recall that last month the US Navy deployed a laser gun on one of their […]