Image credit - Raytheon

Image credit – Raytheon

In terms of transportation, most of us tend to pay attention to cars and motorbikes simply because buying a new car or bike is a lot more feasible than say buying a new fancy high-tech aircraft or a ship. However for those who are ship enthusiasts, you might be interested to learn that the US Navy has recently deployed its latest and most futuristic ship: the USS Zumwalt.

This is a 600-foot, 15,000-ton ship that was put together by shipbuilder Bath Iron Works. As it stands the ship will be navigating its way around the Kennebec River before it reaches the open ocean, which is when the ship will undergo its sea trials. So what makes the USS Zumwalt so futuristic, you ask?

For starters it will feature an interesting design with an inverse bow in the front. This helps to slice through the waves and as you can see in the photo above, the ship is rather oddly shaped but this was done for a good reason. Apparently the sharp angles help to deflect enemy radar signals.

Under the hood, the ship will feature an electric propulsion system, a new radar and sonar setup, missiles, guns, and an advanced automation system that will let it operate with a much smaller crew. It also costs a whopping $4.4 billion and to top things off, the USS Zumwalt will be captained by Navy Capt. James Kirk (Star Trek fans will get this reference).

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