Windows_XP_SP3Hopefully by now all you guys who are running Windows XP have upgraded to at least Windows 7 or newer. For those unfamiliar, Microsoft has officially ended their support of Windows XP which means that in the future if there are attacks designed to exploit any security loopholes of Windows XP, you guys are on your own.

Previously it was suggested that it could cost companies millions of dollars if they wished to continue using Windows XP, but apparently this is a bill that the US Navy has no qualms footing. It seems that the US Navy will continue to pay Microsoft millions to continue using Windows XP for its Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.

This system runs the Navy’s communications and information network and despite its importance, they are continuing to choose to use an outdated operating system. Now to be fair, the Navy had begun their transition away from Windows XP back in 2013, but as it stands there are still over 100,000 workstations running the platform.

According to Steven Davis, a spokesman for the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, “The Navy relies on a number of legacy applications and programs that are reliant on legacy Windows products. Until those applications and programs are modernized or phased out, this continuity of services is required to maintain operational effectiveness.”

Now some might question paying Microsoft that much to continue supporting them, but it seems that this is out of necessity as without the support, the system would be vulnerable to attacks. A plan is in the works to eventually migrate to current systems, according to Davis, but no word on when that will be.

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