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Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 rumored to have native video calling
According to a tweet from someone who reportedly works with Samsung, we’ll be seeing the video calling function on Gmail brought over to the next version of Android. The tweet from @MAFiA303 said:“Just had a video call using gmail on Nexus S. Impressive quality @googlenexus Gingerbread 2.3.4 #io2011”Now we’ve all heard rumors about video calling arriving as a native feature of Android, does this mean that Google will officially announce […]

Qik now offers Android-iOS video calls
Qik has announced the release of a new version of Qik for Android phones. Previously, the full version of the app was only available to users who had the app preloaded on their phones. Well now, Qik has officially released the app on the Android Market, replacing the simplified version of the video service that only allowed recording but not video chatting.The new Qik app allows users to stream live […]

ooVoo offers free 3-way video calls
Fancy a threesome? Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about ooVoo and their latest software releases that enables 3-way video calls – for free, yo! This ought to help you connect with family and friends alike over smartphones, PCs and Macs – a method that truly isn’t discriminatory at all. This service will be always free, at least for up to a trio of users, thanks to […]

Skype for Windows updated: improves video call quality to mobile devices
Skype for Windows has just received an update to version 5.3. This new version of the VoIP/IM software fixes a number of bugs and issues, and also improves the video call quality to mobile devices. Folks who have been troubled by the sub-par video quality when chatting to people on phones or tablets will appreciate the update. New features of 5.3 include: improved video handling when auto-answer is enabled, UI […]


Fring group video call beta now available
If video calling just one person at once isn’t your idea of a video call, how does calling up to 3 other people sound to you? Awesome? Well, Fring agrees and they’ve decided to implement group video calling into their video conferencing software. The feature is still in development right now, but Fring has decided to open up the testing grounds to a limited number of users and are looking […]

World's first Skype phone booth in Estonia
Now that we all have Skype on our mobile phones, you would think that there would be no need to Skype from our computers or anywhere else. Well the folks in Estonia don’t think so. They have installed the world’s first Skype phone booth in the Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport in their capital city. Functioning like regular internet terminals that people can use to send emails or check the web, […]

Teroos shoulder-mounted avatar's exists for communication purposes
It goes without saying that us humans are extremely social creatures, hence the saying that no man is an island. Even as time passes by and the mode of communication changes, that does not change the fact that we still do and want to keep in touch with one another. It can’t be helped – it is an innate need in us.Well, a research group from Keio University recently demonstrated […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to launch with video conferencing app
Ever since Apple introduced FaceTime to the iPhone, video calling has become a major trend of mobile devices and you’d be hard pressed to find a new device announced this year without a front facing camera. The BlackBerry PlayBook is no exception to the rule. It ships with both front and rear cameras, which obviously indicate that the tablet is video call-capable. It was initially assumed that the PlayBook would […]

Tango beats Google to video calls on Nexus S
Google’s launch of the Nexus S was somewhat marred by the fact that the Google Talk app did not carry the video chat feature that was revealed earlier, and no applications on the Android Market also worked with the handset. This is a bummer since many people did thought that video calls will be part of a major feature of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, considering the new camera APIs were thrown […]

EXCLUSIVE: Tango, Cross-Platform Mobile Video Calling Over 3G
 When the entrepreneurs behind Tango, a mobile video-calling startup, founded their company a year ago, there wasn’t any competition to speak of. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., five miles from Stanford’s campus, Tango’s 17 engineers were just insanely focused on getting their breakthrough technology to market. “When we started, there weren’t any front-facing cameras on phones,” recalls Eric Setton, Tango’s co-founder and chief technology officer.Today, with six patents pending, the […]

FacePlant app makes it easier to carry out iPhone 4 video chats
As we saw our recent review, Facetime is bringing the fun to video calls because it works well enough, the quality is decent – if you find a WIFI hotspot. If you own an iPhone, it’s impossible to tell who has a FaceTime compatible device and who doesn’t. That’s where FacePlant comes in. The FacePlant app aims to make life easier since it shows users which of their contacts can […]

Litl Webbook works great with Skype
The $399 Litl Webbook is now compatible with Skype, allowing you to make both video and voice calls since the Skype app in new Litl Webbooks will be integrated from this fall onwards, although existing users will not miss out on the experience either with them getting their copy via an automatic software update. You will need to reboot the Webbook for the software to initialize properly during its maiden […]

Logitech C910 HD webcam launched
It’s been a while since Logitech had launched new high-end webcams and the Logitech C910 lifts webcams to the next level: HD. It is the first Logitech webcam that the company qualifies as 720p capable for video calls and if users are recording to their local hard drive, it can snap videos in 1080p resolution. The webcam can also captgure 10 Megapixel still images. On the audio side, Logitech is […]

Skype Mobile making its way to the Sprint HTC EVO 4G
Do you think that Skype is the next best thing after sliced bread? Well, good news then – Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G looks set to be able to play nice with a Skype client before the year is over, where it will also be made available as an Android app for worldwide consumers regardless of which carrier they’re tied down to. Could an Android-powered Skype app actually set the bar […]