BlackBerry PlayBook

Ever since Apple introduced FaceTime to the iPhone, video calling has become a major trend of mobile devices and you’d be hard pressed to find a new device announced this year without a front facing camera. The BlackBerry PlayBook is no exception to the rule. It ships with both front and rear cameras, which obviously indicate that the tablet is video call-capable. It was initially assumed that the PlayBook would be relying on a third party app such as Skype for video calling purposes but according to RIM, they will be releasing their very own video conferencing app that should be launching with the tablet. Other than that, there haven’t been any details about the app. Whether it will be limited to BlackBerry PlayBook tablets or will it extend to other phones and computers as well. But one thing’s for sure – current BlackBerry phones don’t even sport a front facing camera, so it’s unlikely they will be getting it at launch. Unless of course the app allows you to make use of the rear camera, and you can stand in front of a mirror to video call. The tablet will be arriving very soon, so if reports turn out to be true, we won’t have to wait too long in order to find out.

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