It goes without saying that us humans are extremely social creatures, hence the saying that no man is an island. Even as time passes by and the mode of communication changes, that does not change the fact that we still do and want to keep in touch with one another. It can’t be helped – it is an innate need in us.
Well, a research group from Keio University recently demonstrated their invention known as Teroos – a shoulder-mounted avatar for telecommunication. This will bring video chats to a whole new level, since someone else can operate the avatar remotely to look around freely, making this as though your mate or best friend is right beside you, and best of all is, Teroos won’t poop on your shoulder like those pesky parrots of yore do on their pirate owners. The Teroos robot will be equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker, with a head that has six degrees of freedom. Since the speaker is directional, all communication remains private as the Teroos will whisper directly into your ears. Will this revitalize long distance relationships?

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