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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Review
The touch activated dual-display Yoga Book C930  is a “one a kind” computing device that cannot be categorized under any existing market segment since it is neither a laptop nor a tablet and cannot be viewed only as a note-taking product or a 2-in-1 tablet. That is why, unlike our typical reviews, it is difficult to compare it to any mobile computing product currently available.The successor of the first Yoga […]

Fujitsu Prototypes Tablet That Watches You Type A Nonexistent Keyboard
We’ve seen a number of prototypes over the years where lasers are used to project a keyboard on a surface so the user could type their virtual keys so the device can recognize what is being written. But what if lasers or physical keyboards weren’t necessary at all, instead, allowing our tablets or smartphones watch our fingers to translate what we want to write? That’s exactly what Fujitsu is prototyping […]

Apple's patent reveals virtual keyboard that relies on acoustic pulse recognition
A couple of years ago, parody news website The Onion put up a rather convincing video where Apple was showing off their virtual keyboard, which used a scroll wheel much like the iPod Classic to navigate the different letters of the alphabet. It was a good parody although given a recent patent filing that was discovered, it seems that a virtual keyboard for Apple’s computers may not be so far […]

IBM patents new technology to improve virtual keyboards
 While we all know that virtual keyboards will never replace physical keyboards anytime soon when it comes to speed and accuracy – engineers are constantly trying to make things better. The folks over at IBM recently filed a patent application for a new technology they’ve developed that is said to improve how virtual keyboards on touchscreens work.


Magic Cube projection keyboard arrives at the FCC
The FCC has taken a look at the Magic Cube projection keyboard – which is something that isn’t exactly new, since such an idea has been around for quite some time already ever since smartphones had some semblance of desktop computing power. Connecting via Bluetooth, this device will project an infrared keyboard on surfaces below, letting you type on just about any flat surface – of course, the lack of […]

Virtual Keyboard Discovered In webOS 2.0
We previously noticed that there were references to a virtual keyboard in webOS 2.0 and now that the operating system is available (on the Pre 2), some folks out there have taken the time to tinker and confirmed the existence of a virtual keyboard. All they had to do was modify some config files and enable it in the operating system. After that is done, restart the device and hit […]

Droid X Virtual Keyboard Ported For Android 2.1 Devices
The multi-touch virtual keyboard on the Motorola Droid X has been warmly received by many folks, probably due to the fact that multi-touch enables folks to hit more than one key at a time, such as the shift key. The good news is, the virtual keyboard has been ported to other devices, and it should work on any Android phone that’s running on Android 2.1 Éclair, though folks who tried […]

BlackBerry 9800 Slider Pictured With Virtual Keyboard
By now most of us have seen the pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider, but the folks over at The Berry Fix have dug up quite a number of pictures related to this upcoming phone. One of the more notable pictures shows the phone using a virtual keyboard, despite having a physical QWERTY keyboard. While many folks will undoubtedly love the physical keyboard, having a virtual keyboard as […]

ThickButtons: Smart Virtual Keyboard For Android
[DEMO Spring 2010] Today, ThickButtons 0.6 will be launching at DEMO 2010. The concept behind the application is pretty simple: improving typing on a touchscreen by shrinking the letters that are not likely to be used and enlarging the keys that will be used (See picture). I have to try this app: I hate to type on virtual keyboards, that’s why I carry both the iPhone and the BlackBerry. According […]

Comfort Software Multi-Touch Virtual Keyboard
Comfort Software’s Multi-Touch Virtual Keyboard known as the Hot Virtual Keyboard 5.0 will enable users to type faster and more comfortably, where it now comes with Windows 7 support and a sensor input that can work with up to 255 touch points. What does this mean for the user? As long as they own a touch-sensitive device, it will be as though the user is working on a keyboard that […]