The FCC has taken a look at the Magic Cube projection keyboard – which is something that isn’t exactly new, since such an idea has been around for quite some time already ever since smartphones had some semblance of desktop computing power. Connecting via Bluetooth, this device will project an infrared keyboard on surfaces below, letting you type on just about any flat surface – of course, the lack of a tactile experience might be disconcerting to some, which is the equivalent of “typing” on a virtual touchscreen. The Magic Cube is smart enough to detect finger presses using infrared light, where it will register these keystrokes similar to a normal keyboard. Capable of recognizing up to 350 characters per minute, it is a decent mobile device keyboard but we would prefer something more tangible. No idea on pricing or availability as at press time, but since it has arrived at the FCC, then it goes without saying that a launch is imminent.

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