Image credit – Ian Zelbo

If the rumors are to be believed, later this year Apple could unveil their first ever mixed reality headset. We’ve been hearing rumors about this device for years and 2022 could actually be the year we get to see it, but it seems that Apple could be doing more than just launching a headset.

According to a report from TrendForce, Apple is not only expected to launch a mixed reality headset, but there is a chance that the company could also be tossing on a subscription service with the device.

The report reads, “Strong shipments of Oculus and Microsoft products will likely force Apple to release relevant products to join the competition this year. However, TrendForce states, considering hardware performance requirements and gross profit margins, Apple will likely target the commercial market and adopt the same pricing strategy as HoloLens, hardware priced in the thousands of dollars and a monthly subscription-based software solution.”

We know that Apple is a fan of the subscription model as it has managed to bring in a very steady stream of revenue over the years, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they might launch one for its headset as well. Exactly what this subscription could offer up to users is unclear, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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