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VISA Warns About The Malware Exploit At Gas Stations Across North America
VISA is now aware of a potential attack on the payment system (card reader) that several gas stations utilize across North America.The main objective of the malicious attack by a cybercrime group is to gain access to the merchant’s network on these gas stations.Once they get access to the network – they can use it to collect card details of the customers.Of course, this is a dangerous exploit that should […]

Facebook’s Libra In Trouble As More Companies Withdraw Their Support
Last week, it was reported that Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency lost one of the companies that initially supported it. This came in the form of PayPal who decided to back out of the cryptocurrency. However, it seems that Libra could be in serious trouble because it looks like more founding companies are withdrawing their support as well.

Visa And Mastercard Transactions Could Get More Expensive In The U.S.
Ever wondered how card networks like Visa and Mastercard make money? They charge processing fees from merchants. They have to pay a small fee to the bank that issued the customers’ card while the customers’ bank pays a fee to the company operating the card network. As it turns out, Visa and Mastercard are looking to raise some of those fees.

Credit Card Companies Planning New Checkout Button To Compete With PayPal
When you shop online, you are usually presented with several ways of payment. The most common way would be to either use your credit card directly, or more often than not you will find PayPal as one of the options as well which is one of the more popular ways of making online payments.


Visa Will Shift To 100% Renewable Energy Next Year
Global payments giant Visa has made a major commitment to renewable energy by pledging to use 100 percent renewable electricity across global operations by the end of next year. Visa has joined a global initiative called RE100 which includes some of the top companies globally and they’re all committed to shifting their energy needs to renewable sources. Some of the other members of this initiative include Apple, Microsoft, and HSBC.

Visa Signature Requirement Ends This April
Visa has joined the other three major credit card companies to do away with the signature requirement on credit card purchases in North America. This is a result of the ongoing migration to the EMV chip for cards which brings increased security and convenience to the point of sale. As a result of this migration, Visa has made the signature requirement options for all EMV contact and contactless-chip enabled merchants […]

Visa Unveils NFC-Enabled Gloves For The Winter Olympic Games
When it comes to payment solutions, Visa is certainly no stranger when it comes to embracing new and unique pieces of technology. While the company might be known for their credit cards, over the years we’ve seen Visa experiment with various payment methods, such as an NFC-enabled ring and also NFC-enabled sunglasses.

Visa Debuts Payment-Enabled Sunglasses At SXSW
While Visa might be primarily be known as a credit card company, they are looking at expanding their services beyond just a plastic card. For example last year the company debuted an NFC-enabled ring for Olympic athletes that would allow them to pay for stuff without having to bring their wallets out with them.

Sunglasses With Mobile Payments Debuts In Australia
Because we carry our phones with us all the time that it makes sense to include mobile payment functionality on them. However what about those times it’s not convenient to bring our phones? Like at the beach or a festival where it could be easily stolen or dropped? Thanks to WaveShades, that will soon be a problem of the past.

Android Pay Expands Online Presence With Visa And Mastercard
Google today announced that it has inked strategic partnerships with Visa and Mastercard in order to bring Android Pay to more places online. The new partnerships will soon enable Android Pay users to pay on countless websites where Visa Checkout or Masterpass are accepted using the device authentication method of their choice, such as fingerprint recognition. This will eliminate the need for users to remember multiple usernames and passwords on […]

NFC "Visa Payment Ring" Can Now Be Pre-Ordered By Everyone
Earlier this year, we reported that Visa had worked with NFC Ring to deploy an NFC ring that would allow people to make payments with it. The ring was initially given to athletes taking part in the Rio 2016 Olympics, which makes sense since athletic clothing doesn’t really come with a lot of pockets for wallets, and wearing a ring could also be safer than walking around with wads of cash.

Visa Creates An NFC Mobile Payment Ring For Olympic Athletes
The concept of smart rings have been around for a long time, and at one point it was even speculated that Apple could adopt such technology (although nothing has come to fruition yet). That being said, it looks like the technology could soon become mainstream, thanks to Visa who has launched their own NFC mobile payments ring.

Walmart Sues Visa Over Card Payments
Retail giant Walmart has a problem with Visa that it thinks can’t be settled out of court, so it’s suing the company because it’s not happy about the fact that Visa still lets customers sign for their purchases even if they’re made via debit cards that have chips in them. Walmart has filed a lawsuit against Visa in New York hoping to force the company to make PIN verification mandatory […]

VISA Launches Developer Platform
VISA has made a major move this morning by opening its platform via a set of APIs (Application Programing Interface). The company says that this is a global launch that aims at offering third party companies an easy way to interface their payment systems with VISA’s. San Francisco was chosen as a launch location because it is a major software development hub.

In-Car Dashboard Software To Pay For Things In The Future?
[MWC 2015] It seems that payment for goods are going to get even more convenient in the future. Three rather unlikely allies have come together – Visa, Accenture and Pizza Hut, having announced a spanking new proof-of-concept connected car program which touts that drivers can order as well as pay for pizza via the vehicle’s dashboard software, now how about that when it comes to versatility? This particular partnership will […]

Visa’s New Security Could Pave The Way For Apple Pay In Europe
As it stands Apple Pay is only limited to the US as the deal Apple has worked out is only with American financial institutions. We expect that Apple will want to eventually rollout the service to other parts of the world, and while China might be reluctant to let Apple Pay in, over in Europe Visa might have paved the way for Apple’s entrance.Visa Europe has recently announced a new […]

Visa Announces New Protection Measures For Overseas Credit Card Use
We’re sure many of you guys have been overseas and have tried to use your credit cards. In some instances, your card works just fine and goes through, but in some instances the card gets declined even though there are no outstanding payments. This is usually done by credit card companies who might be concerned that the use overseas could be fraudulent, which we guess is fair.However in the future […]

Visa Reassures Users Of Apple Pay's Security
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple will be launching Apple Pay on the 18th of October. Given that Apple did mention that the service will be going live in about a month’s time, we guess this isn’t really a stretch of the imagination and could very well be true. Now we’re sure some of you guys are a little concerned about security, given that there seems to be […]

Apple's Mobile Payment System Could Launch This Fall [Rumor]
We have heard the rumors that Apple could be planning a mobile payment system of their own. This is hardly new, but according to a new report from The Information, it seems that Apple’s mobile payment system could be launching as soon as this fall, which would coincide with the release of the new iPhone 6 and iOS 8, assuming that Apple keeps to schedule, of course.The report goes on […]

Korean StarCraft 2 Player Receives Pro-Athlete Visa
Do you know of anyone who, while growing up, had a mind to make a living out of being a pro-athlete? I myself wanted to be a pro-gamer at first, but ended up as a programmer instead, at least for a while. Well, one of the most impressive eSports athletes from South Korea is in the limelight this time around, where he has been granted a US visa. Kim “Violet” […]