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Dot incorporation Improves The Lives Of Visually Impaired People
Dot incorporation is one of the most interesting companies we have looked at during CES 2020, and we listed it as one of the Ubergizmo’s Best of CES award recipients because their technology can vastly improve the life of visually impaired people.

LookTel Money Reader app receives major update
Remember the LookTel Money Reader app we talked about back in March? In case you forgot, Money Reader is an app that helps visually impaired folks to count their money with the aid of their iPhones. Using the camera on the phone, Money Reader can recognize US bills placed in front of it, regardless of whether they are partially covered or folded. A voice will then read out how much […]

AT&T releases Mobile Accessibility Lite for the visually impaired or blind
If you’re visually impaired or you know someone who is, and you want to help them experience their smartphone in an easier way, AT&T has just announced the Mobile Accessibility Lite application by Code Factory. It brings to the table a suite of accessible applications that will allow a user with visual impairment to enjoy common tasks that regular Android users do everyday.

EYE 21 system lets the blind "see" through the use of sound
It seems that there have been quite a lot of new technologies that are coming up directed at those who are visually impaired or blind, and that can only be a good thing! We had previously reported on a “virtual cane” that made use of sonar to help map out obstacles and objects, and only a couple of hours ago we wrote a post on a prototype high-tech glasses that […]


High-tech glasses will allow those who are visually impaired to "see"
Having one’s vision impaired can be life altering; the way we go about our daily life, the things we can and cannot do have all been changed. Sure we could use seeing-eye dogs which are extremely effective, but compare the cost of training up a seeing-eye dog which is reportedly at 25,000 GBP, with a set of high-tech glasses which could potentially cost 500 GBP. In terms of cost effectiveness, […]

"Virtual Cane" Lets The Visually Impaired Navigate Via Sonar
A team affiliated with Israel’s Hebrew University, has developed a new device that would allow the blind and visually impaired to navigate their way by the use of “virtual canes”. The device makes use of sonar-like technology (much like how bats use sonar to “see”) to detect objects within 10 meters, which would allow the blind or visually impaired to make their way about safely.

Tactile Wrist-Watch Helps Those Visually Impaired To Tell The Time
Jacob Rynkiewicz decided that perhaps it was time to start focusing on the basic needs of those who are visually impaired. Sure there are fancy gadgets and devices that allow those who are visually impaired to get along with their lives but perhaps one such need, one as basic as keeping time, has been neglected, which is why he has come up with the concept watch that would allow those […]

Kinect as a visually impaired radar
The Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Group from the university of Konstanz has created Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired (or NAVI), an application that uses Kinect’s perception of depth to guide visually impaired people in buildings. It works by having Kinect “see” the volumes around the user and use that information to provide guidance via a vibrating belt, it’s a bit like a bat. In addition to that, the developers have been […]

LookTel Money Reader helps the visually impaired count their money
A company called LookTel has come up with an app that will help visually impaired folks with their everyday lives. Called Money Reader, this app makes use of the iPhone’s camera to recognize any US bill held in front of the screen and announces in a clear voice its value. It works pretty fast, taking less than a second to finish scanning a note, and it can even recognize both […]

Concept: Tactile Phone For The Visually Impaired
It’s not always easy for the visually impaired to use mobile phones, but a designer has come up with a concept phone that might be able to solve the problem, dubbed the Tactile. The Tactile uses digital texture to allow the visually impaired to access a variety of features that are offered by modern multi-touch phones. This is achieved by using an array of conductive pins under the multi-touch display, […]

Concept: Aicomobile Phone For The Visually Impaired
Mobile phones for the visually impaired are always harder to design, but a Russian designer has come up with the Aicomobile, which is a design that resembles a Rubik’s Cube, and offers Braille fonts and numbers so that the blind can use to identify and make calls or even send text messages with the phone without much hassle. The Aicomobile can also be worn around the neck for easy storage.

RIM Files A Patent For A Multi-tap Keyboard User Interface To Benefit The Visually Impaired
While you might not hear that much news on the patents that RIM files, you can be sure that the company is busy churning out new ideas too and its latest patent filing with the USPTO describes a “multi-tap keyboard user interface”. The system would be a great boon to the visually impaired, as it offers an auditory feedback system, allowing users to invoke applications by hitting a specific set […]