If you’re visually impaired or you know someone who is, and you want to help them experience their smartphone in an easier way, AT&T has just announced the Mobile Accessibility Lite application by Code Factory. It brings to the table a suite of accessible applications that will allow a user with visual impairment to enjoy common tasks that regular Android users do everyday.

This application suite when installed will interact with 11 core Android functions, such as phone, contacts, SMS, alarm, calendar, email, web browser, music player, settings, Where Am I along with select applications. By moving their finger over the screen, Nuance Vocalizer synthesis will read out the text under their finger to let them know what app their finger is currently over, allowing them perform a variety of tasks such as answering calls, managing contacts, sending text messages and etc.

The app even comes bundled with speech recognition software that will allow the user to send out text messages and compose emails. The app is currently free (for a limited time) and will be available from the Android Market. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the app in action.

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