Jacob Rynkiewicz decided that perhaps it was time to start focusing on the basic needs of those who are visually impaired. Sure there are fancy gadgets and devices that allow those who are visually impaired to get along with their lives but perhaps one such need, one as basic as keeping time, has been neglected, which is why he has come up with the concept watch that would allow those who are visually impaired to better tell the time with the Tactile Wrist-Watch.

The design of the watch itself is an elegant one, sleek and classy, looking better than some of the other regular watches out there. The watch’s band is made out of a flexible rubber and shouldn’t cause any skin irritation and taking the watch on and off should be an easy affair. Surrounding the face of the watch would be raised bumps along the circumference which would indicate the different hours and in the middle of the watch features a button with dots in the center which when pressed while cause the minute hand to sprout out allowing the user to adjust the time.

So in order to tell the time, all the user would have to do is feel the surface of the watch with their hands, with the inner black circle representing the hours and the outer white circle representing the minutes. Jacob Rynkiewicz plans to power the watch with the use of a 3 volt coin battery which is easily replaceable. Currently the watch is still in concept and not yet been put into production although we’re guessing that if it did it would definitely be welcomed by those who are visually impaired. I’d even go as far as to say that those of us with regular vision will still be able to appreciate and wear a watch as stylish as this.

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