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VLC For Android Now Supports Background Video Playback
VLC is one of the world’s most beloved media players. It’s used by millions of people around the world on a wide variety of platforms, this open-source media player is the darling of many. The official VLC app for Android has been updated recently and eagle-eyed users might spot a few changes, even if the app seems more or less the same. One major feature that has been added in the […]

VLC Updates Media Player Apps For Variety Of Platforms
Now here is something that is worth checking out if you happen to be a huge fan of VLC – the cross-platform, open source media player. Apparently, the developers of VLC have just rolled out updated versions of VLC for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android in addition to new versions of the app for other platforms such as the likes of Android TV, Windows Phone, and Windows RT. Heck, VLC […]

VLC Chromecast Support Coming Soon
VLC’s next major release, version 3.0, is expected to be released soon. We expect to see some major changes in this new version and a changelog that has been posted online by VLC confirms that one of the most requested feature is going to make its way to version 3.0. The changelog lists VLC Chromecast support which would allow users to stream just about any kind of media from their device […]

VLC For iOS Hits The App Store Once Again
iOS users have had to wait for a considerable amount of time for VLC to arrive. VLC as many of you would already be aware is a very popular media player that’s capable of playing most media formats. It did arrive on iOS in 2011 only to be pulled from the App Store because of a licensing dispute. Now though VLC for iOS has once again returned to the App […]


VLC Player For Android TV Confirmed
VLC is a very popular media player that happens to be a darling of particularly those users who look towards torrents for content downloads. It is a simple, lightweight and powerful media player with support for virtually all formats which is why it is widely used on a variety of platforms. Its now landing on a new platform. VLC player for Android TV has been confirmed, a preview version has been released as well.

VLC Beta For Windows Phone Updated
For those of you who are rocking to Windows Phone as your mobile operating system of choice, you would most probably want to check out the VLC beta app that handles video playback with plenty of aplomb and flexibility. Well, good news for folks who are into this particular app, since version 1.0.7 has just been released over in the Store. Of course, since this is a spanking new version, […]

VLC To Return To iTunes App Store In 2015
The VLC app seems to have a somewhat tumultuous relationship with the iTunes App Store. The app was first announced several years ago before it was pulled, and it was only last year that the app made its triumphant return to the iTunes App Store before it was pulled again shortly after the release of iOS 8.It is unclear as to why the developers had decided to pull the app, […]

VLC For Android Finally Exits Beta
It goes without saying that the Video LAN Client, better known as VLC, is one of the most popular media players out there. VLC is loved by media fans not only because its open-source, also because it is available on a wide variety of platforms while supporting virtually all formats. VLC has been available on Android for over two years, though it arrived on the platform back in 2012 in beta, […]

VLC Media Player For Windows Phone Closed Beta Arrives
The sign-up program for VLC Media Player for Windows Phone beta was filled up in just a few hours after it was announced yesterday, which means that the long-awaited beta of VLC Media Player for Windows Phone is close to a release. One ought to remember that this happens to be a closed beta – at least in the here and now so only those who were successful in signing […]

VLC Media Player For Windows Phone Could Arrive As Early As Next Week
More than a week ago, we brought you word that VLC for Windows Phone is set to arrive some time this month, although there was no concrete evidence of a particular date being set in stone back then. That particular release timeframe was provided by Thomas Nigro, who happens to be part of the team that is working on building VLC for Windows Phone. Nigro did drop some hints that […]

VLC For Windows Phone Release Expected This Month
VLC is perhaps the most popular open source media player out there that is available for a wide variety of platforms. Unfortunately Microsoft’s Windows Phone is not one of them, yet. We have known for quite a while now that a version for WP is under development. According to a new update VLC for Windows Phone release might take place soon, as soon as this month even, if everything turns […]

VLC For Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 Delayed
According to various reports in the past as well as hints by the developer, it was suggested that VLC for Windows Phone is pretty close to seeing a release. In fact the reports had stated that the app for Windows Phone could be released this month, but unfortunately till now we have yet to see the app making its way to Windows Phone handsets.Well as it turns out the app […]

VLC For Windows Phone One Step Closer To Release
According to a report the other day, it was suggested that the VLC app for Windows Phone could be released early August. Given that we’re almost at the end of July as it is, we guess an early August release does make sense. Well for those wondering if the VLC team will be able to deliver it in time, fret not because the app is ready.This is according to one […]

VLC For Windows Phone Could Be Released Early August
Heads up Windows Phone users, as you have probably heard, VLC will be making its way onto your handset soon. We’ve seen a screenshot of the app in action so we can only assume that things are progressing nicely. In fact last we checked, there was a rumor circulating that suggested that the VLC app for Windows Phone could be arriving in August.So how true are those rumors? Well it […]

VLC For Windows Phone To Arrive In August [Rumor]
After VLC had successfully released their app for Windows 8 earlier this year, there were talks about the possibility about bringing it over onto Windows Phone as well. After all, VLC is available on both iOS and Android, so why wouldn’t it eventually make its way onto Windows Phone as well, right?Now we know that the app is being worked on, thanks to a screenshot posted by VLC a few […]

Chromecast Support For VLC On Android, iOS And Desktop Coming Soon
VLC is probably one of the most popular media player out there. Loved by people not only because its open source and absolutely free, but because it has the capability to play just about any format. Its available on major mobile and desktop platforms and an upcoming update will add support for Google’s HDMI dongle. The VLC team has confirmed that Chromecast support for VLC on Android, iOS and desktop is […]

VLC For Windows Phone 8.1 Revealed In Screenshot
A couple of weeks ago, the team at VLC released the VLC app designed for Microsoft’s Windows 8’s Metro UI. The app has been in development for quite a while now and we’re sure Windows 8 users are probably happy to finally get their hands on the app.However back when VLC announced they would be developing the app, they also opened themselves up to the possibility that the app could […]

VLC For Windows 8 Now Available In The Windows Store
Just yesterday we reported that the VLC team had announced that the app for Windows 8 was still in the process of being certified. Well the good news is that if you’re a Windows 8 user looking for an optimized version of VLC for your computer, you might be pleased to learn that the app has since been certified and is now available for download via the Windows Store.Naturally the […]

VLC For Windows 8 Still Awaiting Certification
Just the other day we reported that the VLC developer team had submitted their VLC for Windows 8 app to the Windows Store and were waiting for it to be certified before it would be released. It was expected that it would have been released a couple of days ago, but unfortunately it seems that it is still in certification.This was confirmed by the folks at VLC who have posted […]

VLC For Windows 8 Could Be Released On 10th March
VLC has long been available for the Windows platform, although the developers have been hard at work trying to create a version fully optimized for Windows 8. Last we heard, it was suggested that the app would be close to being released, but that was back in December 2013.The good news is that now according to a recent tweet by VLC, it seems that the app is ready and could […]