vlcmetroHeads up Windows Phone users, as you have probably heard, VLC will be making its way onto your handset soon. We’ve seen a screenshot of the app in action so we can only assume that things are progressing nicely. In fact last we checked, there was a rumor circulating that suggested that the VLC app for Windows Phone could be arriving in August.

So how true are those rumors? Well it turns out they were fairly accurate. According to a recent post by one of the developers, Thomas Nigro, it seems that the team are aiming for an early August release. However he does cite some issues with the development that could potentially delay it.

According to Nigro, “Maybe early august but can’t be sure of that: the frontend part is ready but we still have some little problems with compiler.” However assuming that everything goes according to plan, there is a good chance we could be seeing the app’s release in the next couple of weeks.

Nigro also unveiled a couple of features of the app, such as auto-loading of videos and music from both the phone and the microSD card, which should prove to be a pretty convenient feature. In any case we’ll keep our eyes peeled, so be sure to check back with us during August to see if there is any word on a release!

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