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VSCO Launches New Discover Feature That Uses AI For Recommendations
A lot of so-called personalized recommendations that we see in apps are based on our browsing and usage habits. For example with Instagram, based on the people you follow and the type of photos you “Like”, it will be able to recommend you photos and/or videos that are similar in nature.

VSCO Camera App Can Now Edit Videos Too (For A Price)
If you’re someone who regularly edits videos on their mobile devices, there’s a good chance that VSCO is part of your post-processing workflow. The app is pretty popular amongst smartphone owners for featuring a ton of filters as well as editing tools and functions that help create some pretty stunning effects.

VSCO Brings Its Mobile Photography Filters To The Desktop
 If you’re someone who edits their photos on the go, then apps such as VSCO might be familiar to you.  You might also be familiar with the fact that VSCO is also available for the desktop in the form of presets that photographers will be able to purchase for use with the likes of Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw.

VSCO Brings GIF Capture & Editing To Its App
While the concept of GIFs aren’t new, they seem to have gained popularity once again in the recent years. This is why GIF depositories such as Giphy are doing extremely well, and why many messaging apps and keyboard apps are starting to include the ability to send GIFs to your friends and family members.


VSCO For iOS Adds Support For RAW Photo Editing
There are plenty of reasons why many professionals prefer taking photos in the RAW format. This is because unlike JPEG, RAW images aren’t quite as heavily processed. This means that photographers have more control over post-processing compared to JPEGs, thus allowing them to tweak and edit photos to their liking.

VSCO To Retire Sync Feature August 12
If you use VSCO’s app, you know that the company offers a sync feature which pretty much syncs photos on your current device across other devices, and vice versa. This means that what you edit on your phone will appear on your tablet, or your new phone when you get one and login with the same account.

VSCO Launches A Free-To-Use Photography Studio In NYC
If you edit your photos while on the go, there’s a good chance you might have heard of (or even used) an app by the name of VSCO. It is one of the more popular photo editing apps around on smartphones and tablets, but it looks like the company has decided to expand beyond just apps, although they will still be in the photography game.

App Developer VSCO Launches $1 Million Artist Initiative Fund
It’s always nice to see companies do something for their customers that would not necessarily be required of them. That’s exactly what the folks at VSCO has done as they have launched their Artist Initiative program which is basically a $1 million scholarship aimed at photographers and visual artists to help them further their studies and to gain more knowledge.For those unfamiliar with VSCO, the company is known for their […]