watchOS 6 Will Let Users Delete Apple Watch Built-In Apps
While native apps that come bundled with our devices are meant to serve a purpose, there are times when we don’t need to use them. For the longest time ever, Apple would not allow users to delete native apps on iOS, but that changed in recent times when an iOS update finally allowed users to delete native apps.

watchOS 6 Finally Brings An App Store For The Apple Watch
Apple Watch users have wished for an on-device App Store for the longest time. It has only been possible to get apps for the Watch using an iPhone. The smartphone even had to be used for when you wanted to toggle Watch apps on or off. That all changes with watchOS 6 as the upcoming firmware update for the Apple Watch is going to finally add an App Store to […]

Apple Watch Could Soon Gain More Independence From The iPhone
One of the problems with the Apple Watch is that it is quite reliant on the iPhone for it to work. For example, until the cellular version of the Apple Watch was launched, users needed to keep their watches paired with their iPhones to receive phone calls and to access the internet. While that has changed, the Apple Watch is still quite dependent on the iPhone.

watchOS 5.2 Rolling Out With ECG Support For More Countries
A report from the other day revealed that Apple could be expanding the availability of its ECG feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 to more countries. This was to be part of the watchOS 5.2 update. It turns out the rumors were right because the update has since been released which also expanded on the ECG’s availability at the same time.


watchOS 5.1.1 Released, Apple Watch No Longer At Risk Of Bricking
Apple released watchOS 5.1 recently for its smartwatch. The new firmware update was supposed to bring new features to the device, including the EKG feature of the new Apple Watch Series 4. The company pulled the update after reports surfaced that it was bricking some units. It’s now rolling out watchOS 5.1.1 to address that issue.

Apple Pulls watchOS 5.1 Update After Reports Of It Bricking Devices
Apple had recently released the watchOS 5.1 update which was meant to introduce new features, fixes, improvements, and more, but we’re sure that Apple did not intend for the update to brick devices because that’s exactly what it did, according to various reports in which quite a few users reported that their Apple Watches were bricked after installing the update.

ECG Feature Still Missing In watchOS 5.1 Beta 3
One of the “killer” features of the Apple Watch Series 4 that really puts it head and shoulders above the competition is a built-in ECG monitoring tool. While Apple is not the first company to introduce a wearable ECG monitor for smartwatches, they are the first to actually incorporate it into the smartwatch itself.

watchOS 5 Beta 1 Pulled Following Reports Of Bricked Devices
It has been several days since Apple officially announced watchOS 5 and made the beta available for developers. However it seems that the beta might not have been quite ready yet because Apple has since pulled it following multiple reports of users who have claimed that the beta ended up bricking their devices.

watchOS 5 Will Not Support The Original Apple Watch
Before Apple announced the Apple Watch, there were rumors that suggested that Apple could launch a version that could cost $10,000. It sounded almost ridiculous, but this was later proven to be very true. Unfortunately it seems that after spending $10,000 on the Apple Watch Edition, it looks like it will not be supported by watchOS 5.

watchOS 5 Announced With New Walkie-Talkie Feature
At WWDC 2018 today, Apple officially announced the next major update that would be coming to the Apple Watch in the form of watchOS 5. As expected the update will focus a lot on new fitness related features and improvements, but there will also be some new features added that will be communications-based.

Apple Might Have Patched KRACK Vulnerability In Latest Betas
Recently you might have heard the reports that our WiFi’s WPA-2 might have been hacked which leaves pretty much every device connected on WiFi vulnerable to being attacked. However the good news if you’re an Apple user is that it looks like Apple might have patched the vulnerability on their side of things.

Latest watchOS Update Addresses The Apple Watch Series 3’s LTE Bug
When Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 3, one of the main new features of the smartwatch was LTE connectivity. However it was soon discovered that there might be an issue with the device’s connectivity in which the watch would join and connect to unknown WiFi networks instead of LTE when out and about.

WatchOS 3: What’s New
Apple just announced the new version of the watchOS, Apple smartwatch operating system, the watchOS 3.WatchOS 3 features a revamped user interface that eliminates the iconic app launcher with its grid of tiny circular app icons, a better access to apps, better performance, handwriting support and new APIs for developers.  Other features include semi-automated SOS call, Instant Launch, new fitness features and new watch faces. This new version of the […]

WatchOS 2.2 Could See Maps App Improvements
It has not been too far back that Apple sent the watchOS 2.2 beta to its merry bunch of developers, and word on the street has it that the folks over in Cupertino are currently working hard to improve on the native Maps application on the smartwatch. Taking a page out of Google Maps’s books for their smart timepiece, it seems as though the upcoming update would see the inclusion […]