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Web 2.0 Summit Day 2 – Gallery: Twitter Will be Everywhere!
[Web 2.0 Summit] Last year, the Web 2.0 Summit should have been renamed the Green 2.0 Summit, but thanks to Twitter, the Web 2.0 name is well deserved for this 2009 session. After Microsoft Bing announcement this morning, Google announced its partnership with Twitter as well, Marissa Mayer told us that the number one search engine will integrate Tweets in its result pages, however, we did not see a demo. […]

Microsoft will have access to Twitter real-time data. Facebook is next.
[Web 2.0 Summit] Twitter just made it official that Microsoft will have access to Twitter’s data in real-time. This new deal was demonstrated during a Bing demonstration. A similar deal with Facebook is also said to be in the works, although we will have to see what the details are. Microsoft is taking steps to gain an edge against Google when it comes to “real-time” web. No financial details were […]

HP and Wikia To Launch MagCloud
[Web 2.0 Summit] HP is partnering with Wikia, the for-profit collaborative online encyclopedia, to allow people to create magazines based on the content created by Wikia’s community. Wikia will offer print-on-demand services to its users through MagCloud, a HP cloud service that automates magazine publishing. HP allows anyone to become a publisher, thanks to Web 2.0 and the “Cloud”. Connectivity and the new web tools have made micro-payment available to […]

SaaS, Open Source, Freedom, and Funding (SaaS Gone Open Source panel)
By Ravit Lichtenberg (blog) at AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford – Open source has been getting traction in the recent year with the release of Android, continued success of companies like Mozilla, and google Chrome’s open platform approach. In this panel, the connection between SaaS and Open Source is discussed. Satish Dharmaraj, Partner, Redpoint Ventures, Founder & Former CEO, Zimbra: The primary benefit of enterprise using open source software is freedom […]


Digital Media CEO Showcase (Always On Summit at Stanford)
By Ravit Lichtenberg (blog) – We are at the Digital Media CEO showcase where it is an interesting mix of mobile, nanotechnology, and consumer efficiency and advertising companies. Highlights from six companies — each given 6 minutes to present, are provided below.Modiv Technology Digital media in the grocery store.Facilitating shopping experience in the grocery store through behavior, location, history analysis and purchase enablement. Shoppers walk around with the Modiv “Zapper” […]

Earthmine launches Wild Style City: Virtual Grafitti App
[Where 2.0] I saw Earthmine for the first time when it launched at DEMOFall 07: it offers a Street View-like application that has a better image quality than the Google application (at the time of launch) and provides various web 2.0 interactive tools. This street-level 3D mapping technology allows users to collect and use all kinds of geospatial data in urban environments (i.e. buildings measurements, urban inventory), which appeals to a wide range […]

Nokia OVI Store Demonstrated at Web 2.0 Expo
We talked to Nokia about their upcoming OVI Store at Web 2.0 Expo. Nokia told us that it should launch in “early May”. It will be available as a download (a few hundred KBs) for S40 and S60 phones, but first, it will come integrated with the Nokia N97 (and then with all S40/S60 phones). The OVI store represents the combination of Nokia’s previous efforts like widsets, downloads and so on…There is […]

Photo Sharing Site Fotki Party
[Web 2.0] Fotki, one of the largest photo sharing site with 1,3 million users, hosted an event to bring together its users offline for the first time. They organized Make up and studio photo-shooting sessions during the event and it was a lot of fun. Photos were performed by Bill Boice ( and Fotki photographers. Make up was provided by Bara Krejcikova ( and Bianca Lucescu. Ubergizmo was a media […]

PupInk: Web to Print via Quality PDF Layouts
[Web 2.0] PupInk is a web service that allows users to generate high quality PDF layouts from web pages in one click. Websites owners can use the default PDFs templates provided by Pupink or create their own, the service charges websites 1 cent (euro) per printed page, the first thousand pages are free. Major brands are attracted by this high quality and easy to use web-to-print solution that produces marketing […]

Huddle Collaboration Tool – New Version
[Web 2.0] is an online collaboration tool that combines communication, collaborative features and social networking. Huddle V2 new features include phone and web conferencing, desktop sharing and new customization options. I tested Huddle a while ago and I liked its user friendly interface that allows to easily manage projects of all kinds, share documents and communicate with a group of people. Huddle is now a member of the Microsoft […]

eBay Selling Manager Applications Beta For Third Party Developers
[Web 2.0] The new eBay Manager Applications Beta allows third party developers to embed their applications at My eBay, where professional sellers manage their business. eBay Selling Manager tool currently has 270,000 active paying subscribers in the US which represents a large potential customer base for the upcoming third party applications. Once approved, applications will be available to eBay Selling Management Applications subscribers, the developers set the price of subscription […]

DreamFace 2.0: Enterprise Social Networking and Mobile services
[Web 2.0] DreamFace Interactive an enterprise web 2.0 apllications solutions provider, today launched DreamFace 2.0, its latest version. DreamFace 2.0 provides open source tools to build, use, and distribute widget-based “Enterprise 2.0” applications and mashups, such as Web sites, personal start pages, business analytics dashboards, interactive and social mashups, enterprise/community social networks, and enterprise applications. New features include an enhanced widget platform, a widget-based social networking framework, and mobile services. […]

ProtoShare 3.0: Rich Internet Simulations for Interactive Website Prototyping
[Web 2.0] Site 9, a developer of collaborative web development software, today launched ProtoShare 3.0. New features include Rich Internet Application (RIA) simulations, a enhanced collaborative interface and speed and performance improvements. According to the company, ProtoShare 3.0 allows website developers to quickly create an interactive prototypecontaining rich Internet functionality with the experience of a real website. Enhanced collaborative tools enable “even non-technical team members to build functioning website prototypes […]

Nomee: Social Networking Aggregator to Launch at Web 2.0
[Web 2.0] It takes some courage to launch another social networking aggregator at the peak of the global economic turmoil and the “end” of the Web 2.0 era… But Nomee is doing it and it might be a good time to do so. Powered by Adobe Air (I dislike Air-based apps , they tend to slow down my computers and/or trigger compulsive crashes, but…), Nomee is a desktop app that […]