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How To Use Your Camera As A Webcam Without Additional Hardware
Webcams do a pretty good job of letting us video conference and livestream, but the quality varies from camera to camera and it might not always be what you want. However, if you have a camera lying around, you can actually turn it into a webcam.

New Microsoft Webcams For Windows 10 And Xbox One Being Developed
Microsoft hasn’t released a webcam for the past few years but if a new report is to be believed, it may be making a return to this market next year. The report mentions that the company is working on multiple webcam models and that at least one of the new cameras, said to be 4K compatible, will work with both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

The S-Cradle Turns Old Smartphones Into 350 Degrees Cameras
The S-Cradle (aka Security Cradle) is an upcoming product from a Korean company called Saintioe. I bumped into them at the Startup Launchpad within the Global Sources electronic expo in Hong Kong, in the Startup Launchpad section. The idea isn’t new, but S-Cradle may succeed where others failed.

Webcams Exploited In Recent Major Internet Attack Have Been Recalled
You might have heard about the massive internet attack this past Friday which brought down some of the biggest websites and services on the internet. It was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) on a scale that we’ve probably not even witnessed before. It was later revealed that connected objects and Internet of Things devices such as webcams were used as tools to conduct this elaborate attack. Some of those […]


New Logitech Webcam Launched After Four Years
You may have owned a Logitech webcam at some point in your life but these peripherals are no longer as popular as they used to be. That’s because all smartphones have cameras these days which make it extremely easy to start a video call while all notebooks and all-in-one PCs feature integrated webcams as well. Logitech isn’t out of the webcam game completely, though. It has now launched a new […]

Logitech Announces Circle Safe Video Storage Plan
Ideally a security camera would be watched around the clock to prevent anything untoward from happening. However since that would be impossible, unless you hire a guard, sometimes reviewing them after an incident has happened is the only option. Now depending on your system or what kind of plan you have, you may or may not have long to access the footage.

RAZER Stargazer Webcam
Razer is never short of ideas to push the PC gaming experience ahead. After successfully entering classic markets such as mice, keyboards, wearables and even laptops, webcams are the next target for Razer, and this is where the RAZER Stargazer webcam comes in.

Arlo Security Camera Review
As homes are getting smarter and more connected so have the number of cloud-connected home-surveillance webcam offerings on the market. Until recently, customers had to choose between cheap hardware and awful user interface or expensive hardware and better interface. Admittedly, there were also some awful-everything.Arlo is a refreshing take on a market currently dominated by products like Dropcam Pro, which has been acquired by Nest, which was acquired by Google… […]

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro & SmartCam HD WiFi Cameras
[CES 2014] It’s been a while that we reported on Internet Cameras from Samsung Techwin. In fact it was at CES 2012 that Samsung had launched a WiFi SmartCam. The SmartCam HD Pro bring much better features, check the specs: 1080p video recording, 1/2.8” CMOS sensor (this is big for this category of imaging devices), 128-degree wide lens, night vision (16ft), two-way talk, SDXC 64GB memory slot, motion detection, 5 […]

Dropcam Pro Brings Better Hardware + Services
Dropcam has released a new high-end product today: called Dropcam Pro, it’s a new Internet webcam that connects with the Dropcam online service. If you’re not familiar with it, this company is known for its online video surveillance system for consumers. The promise of Drop cam is that it is super-easy to setup and to connect to, whether it is from the web or from a mobile device. Additionally, Dropcam […]

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Review [1080p + hardware H.264 ]
This Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Review goes over all important aspects of this webcam, including image quality and hardware compression