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Father puts together a breathing detector for his new born infant using a Wiimote and some lasers
While I have yet to experience the joys of fatherhood, there is no doubt that raising a new born infant can be quite tricky, not to mention the constant worrying over the littlest of things can drive one to do crazy things, which is what this father did. A hacker and a blogger before becoming a father, Gjoci was already working on putting together a breath detector that would alert […]

Man flies using Wiimote?
It is Icarus all over again, except that the 2012 episode will not see any meltdown of wax wings, but rather, this person in the video above has allegedly taken to the skies by strapping on a pair of giant multicolored wings, that are controlled by waving one’s hands up and down in the air, thanks to a Wiimote. The person in the video above is a Dutchman named Jarno […]

Red Nintendo Wii With Wii Remote Plus To Arrive On Nov 7
We previously broke the news on the bright red Nintendo Wii that was bundled with the Wii Remote Plus, essentially a Wiimote with the MotionPlus accessory embedded inside. Together with the bundled copy of New Super Mario Bros, it’ll set you back $199, or you can just pick up the Wii Remote Plus for $39.99 if you’re already happy with your existing Wii console. Do you think the red Wii […]

TRON Legacy Wiimote goes through FCC's door
The TRON Legacy movie can be said to be a blockbuster as part of a foregone conclusion, although it remains to be seen whether the 2D version would be as stunning as the way it is meant to be viewed – and by that, we mean via stereoscopic 3D. Well, the movie is still on track for a December 17th release, and Disney aims to wring more money out of […]


Doctor Who sonic screwdriver Wiimote on its way
Are you a fan of Dr. Who? If your answer is in the affirmative and you love playing with your Nintendo Wii, then you will be pleased to know that the Doctor Who sonic screwdriver is coming your way, where they are actually a custom Wiimote as well as Nintendo DS stylus, catering for a couple of new titles. The Wii-bound Doctor Who: Return To Earth and Nintendo DS title […]

Golden Wii Controller Bundled With Upcoming Goldeneye 007 Classic Edition
Activision has announced that an exclusive gold colored Classic Controller Pro will be bundled with the Classic Edition of the upcoming Goldeneye 007 game for the Nintendo Wii. The game will support the Wiimote, Nunchuck, along with the Wii Zapper, while the Classic Controller is touted to offer shooter fans a familiar control scheme. How well this classic game will match up to new and more modern games will be […]

FCC approves Wiimote RVL-036 controller with built-in MotionPlus technology?
The MotionPlus technology that was introduced a couple of years back could very well be part of an integrated Wiimote in the near future, especially with the FCC recently approving the Wiimote RVL-036 controller. The diagram itself shows that it is a Wiimote, but confidentiality request translates to a witholding of any live photos or user manual until the calendar hits November 7th this year. This is good news since […]

American Heart Association Backs The Nintendo Wii
While video games have long been blamed for causing kids to sit too long in front of the television when they should be playing outdoors, Nintendo’s Wii has gotten the stamp of approval from the American Heart Association, as it encourages sedentary Americans to take the first step towards fitness, thanks to its Wiimote, that makes all us try to become Jedi Knights in the living room. The approval goes […]

Super Mario Bros sees action on the iPad
Hmmm, we wonder what Nintendo and Apple has to say about this – Super Mario Bros is running on the iPad using SNES4iphone, and at double the display size, it comes with a very different control scheme instead of touch – it uses movement, paying homage to Nintendo by hooking up a hacked Wiimote to the iPad via Bluetooth connectivity. Need we remind you about the legality of ROMs, especially […]

Wii Push Up Bar For Your Exercise Needs
If you rely on Wii Fit to help you keep in shape, you’ll probably have noticed that the Wii Fit balance board gives you a limited range of push-up motions, so you can’t do the really tough pushups that you think will turn you into the cover for a magazine. With the Wii Push Up Bar, you’ll be able to perform much deeper push ups, giving you a much better […]

Nintendo Busy On New Gaming Hardware
Are you still in love with Nintendo’s Wii gaming console? You might be getting a new lover from Nintendo sometime in the near future perhaps, as during the Annual Japan Media Arts Festival, Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, mentioned something about Nintendo’s next hardware release, and confirmed that Nintendo was working on some new hardware. Unfortunately that’s all that was mentioned, as Nintendo generally isn’t going to go around sharing information […]

Wii Magic Stick Gives Your Wiimote An Analog Stick
Do you prefer an analog stick to play your games with, instead of the boring D-pad? If the $60 Wii Classic Controller Pro is too expensive for you, you might want to try the $7 Wii Magic Stick for your Wiimote. The Wii Magic Stick is a cover that slides over your current Wiimote, and more or less allows you to control the D-pad in a manner similar to that […]

Wii And PS3 Gun Controllers
[CES 2010] Want to get more serious about gaming on your Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3? These gun controllers from CTA Digital on show at CES will certainly give you a more realistic feel to your gaming sessions. Both have been labeled as sniper guns, though the PS3 model sure looks a lot like an AK-47. Apparently the sniper scopes are there for show, not for gaming accuracy (boo). The […]

Nintendo Wiimote Coming In Blue And Pink
Nintendo has announced that it will be launching its Wiimote in two new colors, blue and pink. Combined together with the existing white and black controllers, users will now have the option of playing four-player games with each player having his own controller color. The pink and blue units will have the MotionPlus add-on and a protective jacket bundled together. If you want to pick one of these up, you’ll […]