While I have yet to experience the joys of fatherhood, there is no doubt that raising a new born infant can be quite tricky, not to mention the constant worrying over the littlest of things can drive one to do crazy things, which is what this father did. A hacker and a blogger before becoming a father, Gjoci was already working on putting together a breath detector that would alert him to any irregular breathing coming from his daughter, or if the breathing stopped entirely. This was achieved by using the Nintendo Wiimote and three 1 milliwatt lasers, along with a simple program that basically prompts the camera as to whether the lights emitted from the lasers are moving, signaling there is breathing. If motion is detected then everything is good, but if there isn’t, an alarm will go off alerting both parents immediately. Sounds like a great idea and if you’d like to see it in action be sure to check it out in the video above.


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