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Wikipedia Pilots Articles Via SMS Service, Targets Africa
Have you ever wondered just how much homework in the world has cited Wikipedia as its source? It would be criminal to rely on Wikipedia for everything in terms of research, but hey, I am quite sure that it has not stopped anyone from doing so, either. Well, here we are with word that Wikipedia has started off piloting a service which will send articles via SMS, and this particular […]

Wikimedia Foundation To Crackdown On "Sockpuppeting" On Wikipedia
We’re sure many of you guys have come across Wikipedia entries which sound as though someone paid the author of the page to write something nice about a particular product, brand, or company. Given that Wikipedia is expected to be a neutral source of information, this is a little disturbing, and probably the reason why many schools discourage or disallow Wikipedia to be used as source material for reports. In […]

Wikipedia Launches 'Nearby' For Mobile Website
Wikipedia is launching a new "Nearby" feature which uses your location to present local information.

Real Time Map Reveals Articles Being Edited In Wikipedia
To say that Wikipedia is an extremely popular site is an understatement, considering how a network outage in the past resulted in many students floundering as to who they could cite in their assignments as “facts”. In fact, using Wikipedia as your only source of information is an unpardonable sin in academic circles, but this has not stopped the popularity of the site. Having said that, this veritable tome of […]


New Wikimedia Commons App Makes Photo Donation To Wikipedia A Breeze
Almost all internet using folks have landed upon Wikipedia at some point in their lives. The online encyclopedia has become a vital part of the internet and is heavily relied upon by students, professionals and the average Joe and Jane from around the world. Wikipedia entries not only contain text, they also contain pictures. The Wikimedia Commons project works hard to collect photos and media files that are relevant to Wikipedia pages. They’ve now released […]

Wikipedia's Sister Travel Site "Wikivoyage" Launched
We already mentioned that the Wikimedia Foundation will be officially launching its travel site, WikiVoyage, today, the 15th of January. Well, just in time for 12th anniversary founding of Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation is announcing the launch of its free online travel guide today. Similar to its sister site, Wikivoyage is free to edit, free of ads, and built collaboratively by volunteers from across the world.

Wikimedia Foundation's 'Wikivoyage' Travel Site Launching On January 15th
Wikimedia Foundation’s next project is a travel site. Yes, a free web-based site filled with guides and travel destinations, with travel topics written by volunteer authors – a move Wikimedia Foundation is known for. It’s called Wikivoyage, and it will be launching on the 15th this month. In an interview with Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Show last night, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales talked about the priorities of the organization, […]

Wikipedia Most Searched Articles Of 2012
Wikipedia has released their list of 2012’s most read articles, which proved to be quite an interesting look at what was popular across the world, in different languages of the online encyclopedia, of course. Facebook came up tops in the English version, while over in the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan), an entry for adult video actresses performed the best. The Dutch searched for Hua Shan the most, which […]

You're About To See Videos in Your Wikipedia
While there are some videos currently embedded on Wikipedia pages–according to this category, 244 of them–Wikipedia isn’t really known as a place where people upload and watch videos. The problem is that Wikipedia’s old video player only played Ogg files. Which is fine, because we’ve got YouTube and other services for that, but there are a lot of articles where creative-commons licensed video could make a huge difference. Which is […]

Wikipedia hit by network outage
I was about to search for more information regarding the updated OpenGL this morning via Wikipedia when I noticed that it didn’t return any search results. It turns out that the  world’s beloved free online encyclopedia has experienced a technical outage. Basically, I noticed an error message on the site’s homepage (seen above) saying that Wikipedia servers are experiencing some sort of a technical problem. The outage, which lasted for […]

Wikimedia launches new prototype “visual editor” for Wikipedia
Who doesn’t love using the largest multilingual free encyclopedia on the Internet that is Wikepedia? Today, Wikimedia – the San Francisco-based organization operating Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, and many others – is launching the new prototype “visual editor”. The new visual editor aims to expand the number of people who contribute to the online encyclopedia. The company blames the difficulty in learning its wikitext, a lightweight markup language used to write […]

Wikipedia banner ads could mean that your PC has malware
You’ve probably used Wikipedia before. It has the become the go to guy on the Internet – a McGuyver all the way. Of course, there are other awesome resources too that we like. But in case you used Wikipedia this week and found a particular page with a banner advertisement at the top, chances are that your computer is infected with a certain type of malware. Writing to its users […]

Wikipedia's mobile app drops Google Maps in favor of OpenStreetMaps
If you are an iOS user and you’re looking to download or update the Wikipedia app for your device, you will be interested to learn that it looks like Wikipedia has decided to drop the use of Google Maps in favor of OpenStreetMap. According to Wikipedia, by not relying on the Google API for their code, this would allow for the Wikipedia app for iOS and Android to run on […]

Official Wikipedia app released for Android
It took awhile, but it’s finally here: the official Wikipedia app for Android is now available for download on the Android Market. Just in case you’re wondering why anybody would use the app instead of surfing the website on your phone’s browser, the app has the ability to save articles for offline reading, search for articles based on your location, the ability to switch languages on the fly, and an […]