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The Archimedes Works On Silent Wind Turbines
Going green seems to be all the rage these days, as we try to find various ways to get around in a far more efficient manner than ever before. Our homes and offices, too, would need to have the kind of energy conservation so that the next generation still has a planet to live on by the time the current generation moves along. Dutch renewable energy start-up The Archimedes is […]

Wind Turbine Works Sans Blades
What you see above might be just a concept at this point in time, an idea that has yet to be tested and proven successful, but assuming it actually takes off in due time, it could very well prove to be one of the modern engineering marvels that the world should emulate, especially the Danes who seem to be extremely obsessed with clean energy. The image above depicts a wind […]

Walgreens Building A Superstore That Runs Only On Renewable Energy
The cost of energy isn’t cheap as gas prices and home heating costs rise on a semi-regular basis, and one place that we usually don’t think of as energy-sucking locations is the local 24-hour pharmacy. These places need to run their business at all times of the day in order to get you your pills to help with your upset tummy. But one pharmaceutical chain plans to introduce a store […]

Wooden turbine towers: A highly feasible alternative
Mankind initially learnt to construct buildings with wood. Fast-forward to modern day and we have learnt to use materials such as steel and aluminum in construction. Conventionally, the wind turbine industry has been making use of steel to build its tall towers. But this trend may take a backseat in the near future.A German engineering firm, TimberTower, intends to change the wind turbine industry with its wood-centric approach. The design […]


Wind turbines to bother radar systems no more?
We all learn a new thing every single day – and for today, did you know that wind turbines are able to garble up radar systems? Yes, that is right – with wind turbines in the vicinity, air traffic control can be an extremely stressful job since all the figures and images you see would be jumbled up. Dr. Dorothy Robyn, deputy under secretary of defense in the US, recently […]

Wind turbines to power BMW factory
BMW wants to continue with their green reformation by drawing up plans to build a quartet of wind turbines that will see action in powering a factory with enough juice so that it is able to assemble hundreds of vehicles each day – at least that is what auto newspaper Automobilwoche reported. The same report also mentions that the wind farm constructed ought to be able to produce enough energy […]

New Wind Turbine for the Massachusetts National Cemetery
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) just held a dedication ceremony in order to dedicate (what else?) a new 50-kilowatt wind turbine that wil be erected at the Massachusetts National Cemetery. This is no shorty, as the 120-foot tall structure will tower over the rest of the tombstones, where it is estimated to produce up to 95% of the cemetery’s annual electricity usage – which will actually help edge it […]

ZENA System designs innovative Wind Tower to capture wind from any direction
Solar power isn’t the only type of eco-friendly energy source out there as we also know of wind turbines. Now researchers over at ZENA System have come up with an innovative design for a wind energy generating system that will be able to harness wind from any direction, dubbed the Wind Tower. This design accommodates a power plant, a tourist facility and also a desalination plant in one structure. If […]

Aerogenerator X wind turbine to outlast the rest
The Aerogenerator X wind turbine is different from the typical model, where it will feature a set of blades that are mounted on a vertical axis while boasting a far larger turbine. When deployed out at the sea, the Aerogenerator X will feature a blade span of just over 900 feet, which is triple of today’s average turbine where it will crank out ten megawatts of juice which is also […]

Wind turbine has no blades, creates no noise
Check out this interesting wind turbine that relies on boundary layers instead of blades so that it can generate power without making a sound. Patented by Solar Aero, this turbine known as the Fuller turbine was modeled after the 1913 Tesla steam turbine, where it is fully enclosed and virtually silent, doing away with traditional drawbacks of bladed turbines such as noise, radar interference, visual pollution and wildlife injuries. The […]