bladeless-fanWhat you see above might be just a concept at this point in time, an idea that has yet to be tested and proven successful, but assuming it actually takes off in due time, it could very well prove to be one of the modern engineering marvels that the world should emulate, especially the Danes who seem to be extremely obsessed with clean energy. The image above depicts a wind turbine that works without any blades, and heck, in order to take things a little bit further, it does not even come with any moving parts.

Designed by Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo, it is known as the electrostatic wind energy converter (EWICON) prototype, where it is currently on display at Delft University of Technology. Relying on “particle movement” to generate energy, you can be sure that a bladeless energy generator would in turn, have very little to do with noise pollution, and the tired world would certainly be able to do with a far quieter world, don’t you think so?

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