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seems to be all the rage these days, as we try to find various ways to get around in a far more efficient manner than ever before. Our homes and offices, too, would need to have the kind of energy conservation so that the next generation still has a planet to live on by the time the current generation moves along. Dutch renewable energy start-up The Archimedes is currently working on a new class of vertical wind turbine that will not only be silent, but is also touted to be a whole lot more efficient when it comes to converting wind into energy.

According to The Archimedes, the Liam F1 turbine is capable of generating up to 1,500 kWh of energy at wind speeds of 5m/s, which ought to be more than adequate to cover approximately half of an average household’s energy use. When one uses it in combination alongside rooftop solar panels, then the entire house has the ability to run off grid, assuming that the amount of energy generated happens at an optimal level.

The Archimedes CEO Richard Ruijtenbeek shared, “When there is wind you use the energy produced by the wind turbine; when the sun is shining you use the solar cells to produce the energy.” Nature again, played the key role here as the Liam’s blades happen to be shaped like that of a Nautilus shell, enabling it to point into the wind so that it can maximize its energy capture, all the while minimizing the amount of sound generated.

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