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Windows Phone Will Become Windows 10 Mobile After New OS Is Launched
It was expected that Microsoft will rebrand Windows Phone once Windows 10 is released to consumers. The company didn’t confirm early on just what it would be called, some believed that it might go with Windows 10 for Phones, which is currently used widely to report about incoming preview builds. Microsoft today confirmed all of the different Windows 10 editions that will be released, and it confirmed the new moniker for Windows Phone in the […]

Lumia Camera Beta Gets New Features On Windows 10 For Phones
A few days back Microsoft released a new app called Lumia Camera beta., it’s just a preview version of the native photography application that ships with all Windows Phone handsets. The app will make it easier for the company to test out new features before it rolls them out for everyone. Microsoft has now said that an update to the app has been released which brings a couple of new […]

Specs Of LG Lancet Verizon Windows Phone 8.1 Handset Leaked
It has consistently been rumored for a couple of weeks now that LG is developing a new Windows Phone 8.1 handset which will be exclusive to Verizon. This would be LG’s first new Windows Phone handset in quite a few years since the company has mainly been focusing on its Android smartphones. A render of this Verizon exclusive was leaked recently and today specifications of the LG Lancet have appeared online.

Lumia 640 Will Be Among The First Devices To Receive Windows 10
The mid-range Lumia 640 handset could very well be among the first Windows Phone powered devices to receive the Windows 10 for Phones update when it arrives later this year, this according to Microsoft’s Scandinavian General Manager Ossi Korpela. Aside from revealing that this will be one of the first few devices to get the latest software, Korpela also touched upon some of the salient features of the Lumia 640.


Specs Of Lumia Cityman And Talkman Flagship Handsets Rumored
We have been hearing for quite some time now that later this year Microsoft is going to launch a proper Windows powered flagship smartphone. In the recent past Microsoft has seemed content with launching only mid-range and low-end device, so it’s well past time that a full-fledged flagship arrived on the scene. Specifications of two purported flagship handsets have been rumored.

Windows Phone 8.1 Multi-Window Feature Spotted
Windows Phone 8.1 does not allow users to run two apps side-by-side and Microsoft has not yet said that an update is on the cards which will add this feature. Interestingly though a picture has appeared online of a Lumia 930 running what appears to be a version of Windows Phone 8.1 with a Multi-Window feature, which essentially allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously.

LG Website Hints At Upcoming Windows Phone Device
It has long been rumored that LG is developing a new Windows Phone smartphone. We have heard nothing yet officially from the company on this matter but recently a render did appear online claiming to show the WP that LG has built, apparently it will be an exclusive to Verizon in the United States. Today evidence has surfaced from LG’s own website which hints at the possibility that this actually might […]

Leaked Windows 10 For Phones Build Shows Live Tile Tweaks
The Windows Phone community has been busy since the past couple of weeks as Microsoft has been releasing updated builds of Windows 10 for Phones almost every other week. Microsoft is running a public preview program for its next major software update so that people can try Windows 10 for Phones before it’s publicly released later this year. Screenshots from an apparently leaked Windows 10 for Phones build shows some […]

Certain Lumia 640s Can't Run Windows 10 For Phones Preview
Microsoft is running a public preview program for its next operating system. It recently released a new Windows 10 for Phones build which brings support for many existing Lumia devices. When the beta program started only a handful of Lumia devices were compatible with Windows 10 for Phones. Even though the Lumia 640 is included in the list there are some units that won’t be able to run the preview […]

Next High-End Windows Phone Device Possibly Spotted
It has been quite a while since a proper high-end Windows Phone smartphone was released. Microsoft has said time and again that one is coming later this year but so far it has offered no information about this device. The company has instead been pursuing a strategy of pushing low-end and mid-range devices but the community has been pressing it to launch a proper flagship as well. It appears that one has […]

HTC 'Working Closely' With Microsoft On A New Windows 10 Handset
It has been quite some time since HTC released a device powered by Windows Phone but the company has stuck by Microsoft’s mobile platform even while other major OEMs have decided to pass on it. The company has confirmed that it is “working closely” with Microsoft as Windows 10 for Phones starts to take shape, it expects to have more information to share about a new Windows 10 handset later this […]

Latest Windows 10 For Phones Preview Brings Project Spartan
It was first rumored a few months back that Microsoft was building a brand new web browser codenamed Project Spartan. The company has officially unveiled the browser but so far has not revealed what the final moniker is going to be. Like Internet Explorer the new browser will also work on Microsoft’s mobile platform. The latest Windows 10 for Phones preview build finally brings Project Spartan to Windows Phone powered devices.

Windows 10 For Phones Build 12534 Demonstrated On Video
Microsoft is running a preview program for Windows 10 through which it is allowing members of the public to try out the new software before it’s consumer release later this year. The preview is not just limited to Windows 10 for desktop. Microsoft is also running a preview of Windows 10 for Phones, though it is limited to a handful of Windows Phone devices right now. Today a video has been […]

Windows 10 For Phones Preview Being Expanded To More Devices
Microsoft is running a great preview program for Windows 10. It is allowing members of the public to try out the new software on desktop as well as their mobile devices before Windows 10’s consumer release this summer. Windows 10 for Phones preview went live a few weeks ago for select devices. The company has confirmed that it is now expanding the preview to even more smartphones.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 Brings Bluetooth Keyboard Support And More
There has been a lot of speculation about the status of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. At one point it was rumored that Microsoft is going to skip this update and take supported devices straight to Windows 10 for Phones. That doesn’t appear to be the case now as recent reports have suggests that the second major update for Windows Phone 8.1 is on the cards. Even though no official announcement has […]

Windows 10 For Phones Will Be Released For All Windows Phone 8.1 Devices
In January Microsoft showed off the latest iteration of its operating system, Windows 10, and it has already released preview builds for both desktop and mobile. Windows 10 for phones brings a plethora of new features for the platform. The update is set to arrive on supported devices later this year. Microsoft has reiterated that the Windows 10 for Phones update will be released to all devices that are compatible […]

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 Release Seems Likely
The latest version of Microsoft’s mobile platform is Windows Phone 8.1 Update a.k.a GDR1. Microsoft has already released a public preview of Windows 10 for Phones but the preview isn’t available for all devices and there is still a lot of time remaining before the new software is released for everyone. Could Microsoft release a Windows Phone update in the interim? It certainly seems possible.

Install Windows 10 For Phones Preview On Non-Supported Phones With A Trick
Earlier this week Microsoft finally released the Windows 10 for Phones preview. Unfortunately the pre-release software is only compatible with a handful of devices. Apparently there are “too many issues” that are preventing the company to expand this preview to all handsets. A developer has come up with a trick that lets people install Windows 10 for Phones preview on non-supported devices, however keep in mind that the process is tricky, […]

Windows 10 For Phones Preview Released
Ever since Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 last month there has been ample speculation about the release date of Windows 10 for Phones preview. Microsoft was quick to release the technical preview of Windows 10 for desktop computers but it never provided a confirmed release date for the preview that’s meant for smartphone, it only said that the pre-release software would arrive soon. The wait finally ends today. Windows 10 for Phones […]

Windows 10 For Phones Preview Release Rumored For Tomorrow
Late last month Microsoft showed off the consumer version of Windows 10. A preview is already out for the desktop version of this software. The company did say that its going to release the Windows 10 for Phones preview in the near future but it hasn’t given us a confirmed date yet. There have been plenty of rumors about the Windows 10 for Phones preview release date so far none of […]