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VIZIO 11.6-inch Windows 8 Tablet PC
[CES 2013] VIZIO is coming to CES with a number of Windows 8 including thin laptops and one 11. 6” tablet. A hair thicker than the iPad (0.4” vs. 0.37” – 9.4 mm / 10.16 mm) for a significantly larger display (11.6” vs. 9.5”), the VIZIO tablet  runs an AMD Z60 dual-core 1 GHz processor with 2GB RAM. That processor should deliver higher performance than the Microsoft Surface which runs […]

Dropbox For Windows 8 Now Available For Download
Good news Windows 8 users, if you’re an active user of Dropbox, you might be pleased to learn that the official Dropbox app for Windows 8 is now available for download via the Windows Store. Available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, this app will allow users to share files with other Dropbox users via the cloud, share folders and open or edit files. Since this is an […]

Early Windows 8 Startscreen And Lockscreen Concepts Revealed
We’ve already seen Microsoft’s original design mockups for its Windows 8 OS. But today, we are seeing earlier concepts of Windows 8’s Startscreen and the Lockscreen, thanks to its designer, Marius Bauer, who recently posted the designs on his website. Bauer designed the Startscreen and Lockscreen background of Windows 8. He begins the process by coming up with a subtle design for the Startscreen and the Lockscreen. Bauer was also […]

US Department Of Defense Purchases $617 Million Of Microsoft Licenses
The US Department of Defense (DoD) has jumped aboard the Windows 8 bandwagon at last, after issuing a press release last Friday which confirmed that different sections of the military have started to make use of the Windows 8 operating system, in addition to plans for implementation of upcoming Microsoft software products in the coming years. In fact, the DoD also signed a new three year software contract with Microsoft […]


Windows 8 ‘Complaints App Done Away With
It was not too long ago (a matter of weeks, in fact) that there was a new and free Windows 8 app which was given the nod of approval by the folks over at Microsoft to publish it on the Windows Store. This app was known as the Windows 8 Complaints app, where its main purpose of existence was to enable folks to write and share their concerns and problems […]

NVIDIA TegraZone For Windows RT
In our review of the Microsoft Surface RT, we mentioned that good games were very hard to come by on Windows 8 RT. This is something that just got easier as NVIDIA has launched TegraZone for Windows RT. If you are not familiar with the Android version, TegraZone is an application that looks like a mini app store which features games and apps that are optimized for NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 […]

Kupa X15 Windows 8 tablets now available for purchase
We expect that down the road there will be a lot more Windows 8 tablets made available as more manufacturers get on board, but if you’d rather not wait, Kupa might have a Windows 8 tablet for you that could be worth your consideration. Dubbed the X15, Kupa will have four different versions of the tablet for you depending on your price range. It starts at $1,100 for the X15 […]

Windows Blue Already In Alpha Testing Phase [Rumor]
Windows Blue was the talk of the town last month when fellow tech site The Verge revealed that Microsoft’s next-generation operating system, presumable dubbed “Windows Blue,” is coming. Details were bleak, but at least we learned that its price will be much cheaper and that Microsoft will subsequently release software updates following its launch, much similar to what Apple is doing with Mac OS X. Today, the Windows Blue rumor is […]

Windows 8 Preview Versions Expire On January 15 2013
It is a known fact that Windows 8 finally went on sale a couple of months back, but even so, you cannot rule out a certain segment of computer users who might be running one of the three previously released free preview versions of Windows 8. If you happen to fall under that segment, then take note – the amount of time you will spend with Microsoft’s most recent operating […]

Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement Application 'Pokki' Registers 500k Users
Windows users before Windows 8 was released this year have probably clicked on their “Start” buttons to raise up the Start menu probably over 100 times, but I could certainly be underestimating that a tad. With Windows 8, Microsoft did away with its Start menu, instead going for a more tablet-friendly operating system that is obviously geared more towards tablets and computers with touchscreens. As much as Microsoft deemed the Start […]

Skype App For Windows 8 Devices Updated
We all know by now that Microsoft picked up Skype recently, and for what looked like a bargain price considering how Skype has continued to grow in strength from time to time. Well, having said that, you will not be able to remain at the top or even move forward if you do not improve, and Microsoft knows this very well, which is why they have introduced a minor update […]

Microsoft Uses Children To Do Windows 8 Product Demos
Now here’s something that you don’t see everyday. At a Microsoft store in Lisbon, Portugal, an 11-year old child is making a small product demonstration on Windows 8 to curious customers. If you’re wondering what is that all about, do note that Microsoft wants to ask you if Windows 8 is really that simple. To illustrate is best, Microsoft is ingeniously asking children to do Windows 8 demos to customers […]

Windows 8 Clover Trail Tablets Delayed To January 2013
It seems that if you are on the lookout for a Windows 8-powered tablet that runs on the dual-core Clover Trail processor from Intel this Christmas, then you are out of luck. It seems that such tablets have experienced a delay, and they will only be released to the mass market by the time January 2013 rolls around, assuming the world does not end this Friday, of course. The delays […]

Consumer Reports Says: Stick With Windows 7
Most new PC buyers will have Windows 8 pre-loaded, and it is only a matter of time before the new Microsoft OS gets the majority share of Windows installs, however as a current Windows 7 user, should you upgrade? Consumer Reports says that you should rather stick to Windows 7, for now. Here are the quick list of reasons:1/ Windows 7 works and most users are happy with it 2/ […]