[CEATEC 2012] Windows 8 is just around the corner, and it’s no surprise that here at CEATEC 2012 we’re seeing tons of laptops and tablets running on the operating system. Panasonic is one of the manufacturers that will be competing for your dollar bills when Windows 8 goes on sale, and at their exhibition booth we managed to catch a glimpse of its AX Series ultrabooks. What’s neat about these ultrabooks is the fact that it features both a touchscreen and a regular keyboard. Let’s not forget an unconventional hinge that will let you flip the display all the way back, turning the ultrabook into a tablet.

The ultrabook features a recessed keyboard and trackpad that ensures you won’t be accidentally pressing any buttons when it is facing downwards. The build of the computer is pretty sturdy and it looks like it shouldn’t give you much trouble if you do decide to flip the screen around a lot. Aesthetic wise, we’ve definitely seen better looking ultrabooks out there, but again – the flip hinge gives this one an edge in terms of practicality. Great for folks who haven’t made up their minds about picking up an ultrabook or tablet running Windows 8. Check out the gallery for more images:

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