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Samsung Patents Handset That Can Run Both Android And Windows
PCs with dual-boot functionality are not a new concept. Many have tried creating products that run two operating systems out of the box but these products haven’t really caught on with the masses. Perhaps Samsung might fare better. It has been discovered that Samsung has patented a new mobile device that’s capable of running both Android and Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile Marketplace to be shut down this May
Back in May last year Microsoft announced that it would stop taking in app submissions for its Windows Mobile Marketplace and we mentioned that we wouldn’t be surprised if they shut it down in the future. Fast forward to almost a year later, and it looks like it’s coming true. Microsoft has announced that it will be shutting down the Windows Mobile Marketplace this coming May. The app store that […]

Caller ID announcement spotted in Windows Phone 7 Mango
It seems that phones in the past had more customizability than they do today. I remember being able to get customized logos which replaced the operator name on my Nokia 3310 and I also remember being able to customize my own ringtones on the phone itself, and set custom ringtones for different people. If you’ve used Windows Mobile devices in the past, it looks like the Mango update for Windows […]

Honeycomb theme for your Windows Mobile device
Usually we hear about other themes being ported over to Android devices (i.e. Windows Phone 7 etc), and rarely do we hear about it being brought over to other phones as a theme. Well the folks over at XDA-developers have come up with a Honeycomb theme to turn your Windows Mobile 6.5.x phone into an Android-looking phone. In addition to converting your homescreen, it replaces how your onscreen keyboard and […]


Trimble Nomad 900 Series Outdoor Rugged Handheld Computers
Windows Phone 7 might be the current gem from Microsoft in the mobile scene, but that doesn’t mean that Windows Mobile is down and out yet just. The mobile OS is still surviving on gadgets such as the Trimble Nomad 900, a yellow rugged handheld device that features improved GPS circuitry to decrease the time taken to receive the necessary coordinates. This portable computer is powered by an 806MHz processor, […]

iPhone users spend most with their credit cards among other smartphone owners
If you happen to own a smartphone, chances are pretty high that you will fall under one of the four categories – iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS or Windows Phone 7. Just what kind of inference can you get from this three different groups of people? Well, data collected by personal finance service Pageonce does point towards the average iPhone users charging around $6,872 to their credit cards each month, while […]

Spotify unveils mobile music app for Windows Mobile 6
Hmmm, while the whole world (more or less so it seems) is looking forward to Windows Phone 7, it isn’t exactly the end of the road for Windows Mobile 6 just yet, at least according to Spotify. The company has rolled out their mobile music app for Windows Mobile 6, which means Windows Mobile users won’t be as lonely anymore and can join their iOS, Android and Symbian brethren by […]

Sprint Announces Enterprise-Ready Motorola ES400S Handheld
Sprint announced today that it will be the first U.S. carrier to be offering the Motorola ES400S EDA, which stands for Enterprise Digital Assistant. While Motorola’s consumer division is rapidly rolling out Android-based smartphones, the enterprise division is still working on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile products that will target corporate and vertical markets. The rugged EDA could be obtained for $499.99 for qualifying business customers at the end of October, or […]

Opera Mini 5.1 Arrives For Windows Mobile
Despite the rise of iOS and Google’s Android OS, there are still plenty of users out there who use a Windows Mobile device. Now Opera has released the improved Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile devices, offering better support for high resolution displays, accelerometer, and an option to set Opera Mini as the default browser. Opera Mini 5.1 is already up for download for Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile […]

HTC Desire HD Render Surfaces With Windows Mobile 6.5
Many folks out there are curious to find out more details on the upcoming HTC Desire HD and now a user (i.e. unofficial) render of the device has surfaced, and it looks pretty believable. The Desire HD is expected to be a European variant of the popular HTC EVO 4G, which many hope will be unveiled soon. Of course, despite the render looking pretty good, a glaring mistake will be […]

Brazil First in the World to Go Fully Digital for National Census
Despite having the opening question of its national census be: do you use a hole in the ground or open cesspit for a toilet? Brazil, a country stricken with poverty, is leading the world in moving to smartphones and converting to a fully digital national census. The country will be employing 150,000 LG GM750 smartphones running on the Windows Mobile operating system to collect responses, data, photos, and GPS location […]

Samsung Epix gets Windows Mobile 6.5 update
In what many people would deem to be a rather strange move, Samsung has released a new Windows Mobile 6.5 update for its Epix (also known as the SGH-i907). This is weird considering AT&T no longer sells this smartphone over its website, and Samsung isn’t the first name that comes across your mind when it comes to recently updated devices. Do bear in mind that Samsung Galaxy i7500 users are […]

Motorola Unveils Its Rugged ES400 Windows Mobile Phone
Motorola has launched its latest EDA (Enterprise Digital Assistant), the ES400, a handheld business device geared towards the enterprise user. This rugged device is designed to withstand drops and even the rain, and is aimed towards folks in the retail management, healthcare, postal services, and government departments. It’s powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3, so it’ll support existing Windows Mobile applications that enterprises might demand and sports a custom Motorola Enterprise […]

Microsoft Commissions 20 New Free Games For Windows Mobile
While Windows Mobile used to boast plenty of mobile games for users, that lead has practically been eliminated, thanks to Apple’s introduction of the App Store. That being said, it seems that Microsoft still hasn’t given up on Windows Mobile as the software giant has commissioned Touch Dimensions, a gaming startup from Singapore to bring about twenty games to the Windows Phone Marketplace, all of which will be free to […]

T5353 HTC Diamond2 Clone From China Can Dual Boot Android And Windows Mobile
While cloned devices from China normally don’t offer too many exciting features, but the T5353 which looks very much like the HTC Diamond2 has a killer feature up its sleeve. We’re talking about its ability to dual boot Windows Mobile 6.5 and also Android 1.6, depending on the mood you’re in. That being said, considering the recent popularity of Google’s Android OS, it’s hard to imagine you wanting to run […]

Microsoft To Bring The Core Of Its Desktop OS To Smartphones Via Menlo?
While there aren’t any official details at the moment it seems that Microsoft is busy working on a project that could bring the core of its desktop OS to smartphones. If that does happen, we’ll see the Windows NT core possibly replace the Windows CE core used in Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and the Zune HD. Murmurs of a graphics layer known as Experiment 19 will apparently be the […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 Virus Makes International Calls
Owners of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones: if you’ve recently noticed that your phone is making some mysterious international calls, it might be infected by a virus. Some folks have discovered such a virus infecting Windows Mobile 6.5 phones, and apparently it’s spreading via the download of a game titled “3D Anti Terrorist”. After checking, the 3D Anti Terrorist game is a shareware demo, but the virus creators were smart enough […]

Skyfire Congratulates Opera, Planning Its Own iPhone Browser?
The folks behind the popular Windows Mobile and Symbian browser, Skyfire, have written a blog post congratulating Opera on its recent success on getting Opera Mini available for the iPhone via the App Store. The company stopped short of actually confirming that they plan to work on a Skyfire browser for the iPhone, but it did mention that they have been watching the Opera submission on the iPhone/iPad closely, and […]

Android Version Of LogMeIn Remote Access Coming
Administrators who are always looking out for remote access applications will be glad to hear that an Android version of LogMeIn, the remote access application is being developed. When installed, you’ll be able to control your computer from your Android-powered device, which should make remote management or remote support less of a hassle. There is already a version of LogMeIn for Windows Mobile and Apple’s iPhone, and considering the momentum […]

Updated Ulysse Nardin Chairman Luxury Phone Is Powered By Android
Want to have a really special Android-powered phone to show off to your friends? Well, at $49,500, the updated Ulysse Nardin Chairman phone is probably the most expensive Android phone to date, until someone decides to drape an Android-powered phone in Gold. While the phone was initially slated to be powered by Windows Mobile, it seems that it’s now been replaced by Google’s Android OS, which certainly has plenty of […]